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Swivel Chairs - The Seating Superstar | EH Design

One of the challenges we face regularly as interior designers is how to produce furniture layouts that maximize our clients’ ability to use their spaces and we know that rooms perform their best when they’re adaptable.

Now, more than ever, a space that multitasks is at the very top of our clients lists. We've been achieving spaces that work harder for clients by bringing in elements that help rooms serve more than one purpose, and no one piece of furniture embodies this mindset more thoroughly than the swivel chair.

If you're scratching your head here, it’s probably because your swivel chair experience consists of your childhood spinning around in the old, likely orange, likely corduroy seating at your grandparents house, or is limited to sitting at your computer in an office task chair. These may be the first ideas to pop into your mind when you think of swivel chairs, but trust us when we say the swivel chairs of today are a home’s best friend. If you’re curious to see how a swivel chair can fit seamlessly into your décor, allow us to share some projects that feature these seating superstars.

This has to be one of our all time favorite places we used, not 1, but 4 swivel chairs to maximize the space! We remodeled the old dining room and porch to create a large great room with beautiful lake views. The swivel chairs here allow you to swivel to all areas of the room with ease. This allows you to view the lake, conversate with those around you and view the TV. It just made sense!

Rich camel leather brings out the natural wood tones in the built in cabinetry, and infuses this space with luxury without weighing it down. These great chairs help define a conversation area separate from the media viewing area and allow the space to adapt easily to a larger crowd.

In our Red Oak project, the clients were struggling with their long narrow room and how to furnish it. We created 2 seating areas and maximized the space with 4 swivel chairs to allow them turn to either view their beautiful front landscape, talk to those in the kitchen/dining, view the TV, sit in conversation, and most importantly maximize the lake views!

For our Crestview clients, we wanted to create a defined space for conversation and TV viewing, but didn’t want it to feel closed off. Oftentimes, with all seating facing a television, it can feel like conversation is stifled. By incorporating a swivel chair in a deep, rich leather, we were able to accomplish all of our goals for this space; continue the color palette, keep an open feel, and create a space where people could watch television, but also engage easily with each other.

Our Bethesda project had a smaller footprint and the space called for furniture that wouldn’t feel heavy or cumbersome. We incorporated swivel chairs with an exposed base and a nod to mid-century modern design that our clients love. They lend the space versatility and functionality while keeping the feel open and airy.

We love swivel chairs so much, we used them in two separate areas in our own home. Our living, dining and kitchen areas all share common space, so having adaptable seating that would facilitate ease of movement and conversation was key. We selected two swivel club chairs in a rich and durable deep blue velvet in our living room. They anchor the space with the depth of their color while also helping to define the living area, which can be a challenge of an open concept plan.

If you’re thinking of switching things up in your home, consider 2021 the year of the swivel chair. If you aren’t sure how this superstar, multi-tasking piece of furniture might fit into your space, CLICK HERE and feel free to reach out! We are always happy to help.


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