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Gallery Walls: Our Favorite Way to Personalize a Space

In our last post, we talked about how we choose the perfect artwork, and how to ensure it is hung in the best way to make it pop inside your home. We touched briefly upon gallery walls, but today we’re going to dedicate an entire post to try and take the mystery out of a professional looking gallery wall.

Of course we all want our home to look like we just stepped into a magazine, but it is also important to remember that people live there – people you love! A gallery wall is an amazing way to make any room in your home look polished, yet personal.

There are so many ways to design a gallery wall that reflect your individual style, as well as those of all of your family members. A gallery wall is a super fun and inexpensive project to work on with your kids; they will love having their personal tastes reflected in the décor of your home.

The Grid Gallery Walls

Grid gallery wall designs are made for sharing collections of your favorite pieces that all have a similar style or cohesive element – such as family or wedding photos, or pieces by the same artist.

The Linear Gallery Walls

A linear gallery wall can accomplish many of the same goals of a grid gallery wall by providing uniformity, but can be used for a smaller number of larger pieces.

Curated Art Gallery Walls

Gallery walls composed of curated art are eclectic and fun, and give visitors to your space interesting pieces to look at and ask questions about. Remember you don’t need to use pictures or paintings here. You can use mirrors or letters or plates – let your creative juices flow!

The Stairwell Gallery Wall

Stairwells can be awkward to decorate, but can also look stark without any personalization. A gallery wall is a foolproof way to make your stairwell feel more cozy. You can use any design method in accordance to your taste – a few large pieces with similar styles, or a large number of smaller pieces that are unique. Hang your art in a stepped fashion up the sidewall, or use a gallery wall to freshen up a landing between two sets of stairs.

Picture Ledge Gallery Walls

A picture ledge gallery wall helps to lend depth and coziness to your room, and as an added bonus since the pieces are hung on the wall, it’s easy to switch them up!

Themed Gallery Wall

A themed gallery wall can satisfy your craving to showcase artwork related to a motif you are particularly passionate about! Some of the most common themes loved by us here at EH Design are: a collection from the same artist, travel, and of course, various family photos from one spectacular session.

Don’t forget to check out our Artwork: Choosing the Picture Perfect Pieces for Your Space blog before you get started for some universal ideas that will help you make your gallery wall the one you’ve always dreamed about.

For more gallery wall inspiration, visit us over at our website and browse some of our completed interior design projects. For more information about how EH Design can help transform your home, feel free to contact us here. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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