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Minnetonka Beach Remodel | Laundry

This lovely Nantucket-style home was craving an update and one that worked well with today's family and lifestyle. The remodel included a complete kitchen remodel, a reworking of the back entrance to include the conversion of a lower-level tuck-under garage stall into a rec room, and full bath, a lower-level mudroom equipped with a dog wash and a dumbwaiter, an upper-level mudroom with enclosed lockers, a new powder room, and main level laundry room, as well as a remodel of one of the upper-level bathrooms.

The homeowners wanted to preserve the structure and style of the home, which resulted in pulling out the Nantucket inherent bones of the original house as well as the lakefront esthetic of a Minnetonka home along with creating those cozy spaces needed and desired in Minnesota, resulting in the perfect marriage of styles and a remodeled layout that works with today's busy family.

Let's work our way into the restructuring of the laundry room, shall we?

The laundry room sits right off the kitchen and is tucked into the back of the home. This space used to be 1 of 2 hallways from the kitchen leading to the back of the house. Because there was no need for this hallway, and the homeowners wanted to bring their laundry onto the main level, this became the perfect location for it.

This brings us back to this stunning window we saw in the kitchen reveal of this home. Because we were closing off natural light to a space, which we try not to do if possible, we decided to incorporate this operable port window between the kitchen and the laundry room.

This allows the homeowners, who have two young kiddos, to see from the back of the house to the front, where the pool and lake are. As well as let in that beautiful natural light through and into the kitchen.

When closed, the glass on the window is not only decorative, emulating water like the lake that sits right outside their door, but it also disguises any mess and clothes from the kitchen perspective.

This brings us to the stunning tile we chose for this space. If you look closely, this stunning light blue tile has a pattern that mimics the woven texture found in clothing - these details are not by mistake!

We then broke up the tile by running a strip of a medium blue-toned tile the length of the space. This tile picks up the darker shade in the woven tile, pulling it out further.

Then there are the cabinets! Of course, we wanted to give the homeowners some storage, so we incorporated upper cabinetry. We wanted them to feel just as unique as the rest of the space, so we gave them the same decorative motif you will see later on in the mudroom lockers outside of this room. Notice the detail on the countertops as well!

This beautiful floor started it all with the design of this space. Playful and beautiful.

We topped off all the beautiful pieces with brass finishes, giving the space added warmth.

We couldn't put together a laundry room without a space to hang clothes. The window posed a bit of an issue, so the solution was to hang a bar into the ceiling and make it clear so it doesn't obstruct any of the natural light we have so carefully preserved. Also note that the window treatments (purposely) match the tile ;)

Other Fantastic Details


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