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Baby K’s Nursery | EH Design

This client had her due date fast approaching so we put together this sweet little modern nursery so it was ready for the little guy when he arrived!

Here are a couple of the before pictures of the furniture that they had in the unused room.

Here are the birch trees prior to placing them on the wall.

The finalized nursery.  As you can see there were 2 colors used in this room.  I chose to do an inverse of the birch trees because this was the wall that the white crib was going to be on and I wanted it to blend in and for the trees to stand out.  On all of the other walls SW Repose Grey was used.  This is a very light neutral grey that played off of the birch trees but let them shine.Navy blue was added in the window treatments and decor and small pops of teal showed up in the decor as well.

Crib with pillows and mobile at EH Design's Baby K's Modern Nursery


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