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Superhero Bedroom Design and Inspiration

With baby #3 on the way, it's time for our little man to get a proper Big Boy bedroom.  He has asked for a Superhero bedroom, so a Superhero bedroom he will get.  

We just recently did our daughters horse bedroom, which you can find here, so it was his turn.

I have never been a huge fan of themed bedrooms but am now learning that this is what the kiddos want.  So if done properly they can be super cute and not overdone.  A rule of thumb I've always used is to start with an overall neutral base for these types of bedrooms because the themed elements that go into the rooms tend to be busy.  Starting with a neutral base will help reduce the bedroom feeling overdone and too busy.  Let the themed pieces like the bedding stand out on their own and add onto those a few other pieces.  

We have started the planning stages of the design and will add to the room as we get the pieces.  We wanted to share with you the design and our intention for the room because we can't wait to see it all come together.  Check out our design below.

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About the Design

Wall Color

It isn't a huge room so we wanted to brighten it up, especially because the furniture that is going in there is a darker brown.  We chose Sherwin Williams Repose Grey which is a lighter neutral grey that has undertones of blue to pick up the blue in the Spiderman bedding.  Again, this neutral backdrop sets the stage for the design, lightens up the room and let's the bedding and other themed decor stand out.  

Bunk Bed

We chose a darker Tuscan brown finish for the bunk bed to coordinate with an existing dresser so instead of replacing all of the furniture in the room, we opted to coordinate the pieces.  We chose the beautiful Camp Bunk from Pottery Barn with the full bed under a twin.  We always imagined our kiddos having "sleep overs" with each other and this way they can do just that.  This bunk bed also has the option to add a trundle underneath for our 3rd little one when the time comes.  This is a room we want him to grow with and this bunk bed allows the pieces to be separate beds if he decides he would like to ditch the bunk at some point.

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The bedding without a doubt HAD to be Spiderman.  As I mentioned before, I have never been huge on themed rooms but there is a way to do them without it being overwhelming and too over the top.  Pottery Barn is such a great choice for bedding when it came to choosing a Spiderman one.  Not only do you get the quality but you also get a design that's not over the top.

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Wall Decor


We knew we wanted some super cute art in the room and wanted it to feel just right.  Again, it's also a room we want him to be able to grow into so we had to be very mindful of that as well so we went with superhero art that was more on the big boy side of things vs. toddler.  We found these amazing prints on Etsy (link to actual art above) and instantly fell in love!  We framed them in a white frame for a few of reasons:  1) so that we weren't adding yet another wood element to the room; 2) because the furniture is so dark, we wanted to make sure that the items on the walls were nice and light; 3) so that the images would stand out since we love them so much!  

Wall Decor 

The photo ledges used in this room is actually an eliminate we have/will be using in all (3) of our kiddos bedrooms.  Without having to purchase another piece of furniture like a bookcase, these photo ledges are the perfect way to keep books up and out of the way without taking up more floor space.  Our son is also a huge bookworm so a place for books was a must.  

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We so badly needed to change out the lighting in this room.  I liked the look of the last light but it did not give off a ton of light and it drove us nuts!  It was the perfect place to add another touch of color in there and it's again a light he can grow with.  

Other Subtle Themed Rooms We Love

Source: Pottery Barn

Source: Unknown

Source: darv_vader


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