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Minneapolis Commercial Leasing Office | EH Design

2nd Street Lofts and the tenants loved this transformation so much that it was submitted for the 2017  MADACS awards and it has been nominated as a contender!  On September 15, 2017 the Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MHA) will hold the 22nd Annual MADACS Awards: Multi housing Achievement in Design, Advertising & Community Support. The purpose of the MADACS awards is to recognize owners and associates who have made significant contributions to multi-housing marketing and management through exemplary achievements.  Stayed tuned!  

Before Pics

The National Paris Candy Factory building was established in 1916 and then progressed into the Tension Envelope building in 1930, and eventually transformed into residential Lofts in 1996.

EH Design was contracted by 2nd Street Lofts in Downtown Minneapolis to turn a storage/file room into their leasing office. At the time there wasn't a designated space.  

Entering into the file room was one single door into a very small carpeted file room.  The door desperately needed to be replaced to allow more natural light into such this small space.  The overhead lighting was very poor and the space needed more natural light.   

Design Concept

EH Design created a floorplan and overall design concept for the space.  We really wanted to open up the space by adding the glass double doors and overhead transom window to allow for more natural light in the room and for the space to feel larger.  Because the building is an old factory we wanted the space to feel updated and modern yet feel as though the style didn't stray far from the original building.  We ripped out the carpet and replaced it with finished concrete which again opens up the space.  To soften the space and add pops of color, we added a beautiful wool rug. We brought in a lot of white furniture to open and brighten the space up and counterbalanced that with reclaimed wood to warm it up.  

After Pics

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Transformation Facts:

  1. Floor: Originally carpet - rehabbed into concrete epoxy ocean design.

  2. Door: Originally one single wood door, with a mail slot residing in the middle. The new door is mahogany with see through glass panel double doors.

  3. Walls: Originally dim beige - painted to a soft gray.

  4. Base – Originally black vinyl base. Now, manufactured produced sheet metal base.

  5. Mural – picture from Minnesota History Center (Gale Family Library) The National Candy Factory 1916.

  6. Ceiling: Originally beige grid four solar light panels. All of the light panels were removed exposing pipes/ceiling and grid. Track lights were added as well as vintage dated pendant lights to keep the historical aspect of the building.

  7. Furniture: was purchased to create the perfect environment for residents and commercial tenants.

The end result of this leasing office is just beautiful!  Function and beauty came together in this space.  The building now houses a leasing office for its tenants that they are proud of!  The space allows for a ton of natural light and feels very open!  The star of this space is quite obviously the mural on the back wall of the original building.  This mural really opens it up and gives the feeling of a much larger space.  The added track lighting to bounce the light off of this mural and highlight it as well, is absolutely key in making it the star of the space!  Not only does this space feel more open but it feels so much more inviting.  That is through the softer elements used throughout the space.  The large modern wool rug which grounds and warms up the space along with the natural wood brings extra warmth into such a small area.  The use of a glass table for guests allows for seating yet keeps the space feeling light and airy.  


"I wanted to reiterate again how impressed I am with your office renovation. As you know, I have been in the building for several years and I remember what is now your vibrant, modern and welcoming office from its days as a dark, dingy and unused storage closet. To call the transformation night and day would be a huge understatement. I particularly enjoy the way that you refreshed and modernized the space to make it functional for your purposes, but were thoughtful and intentional about keeping it true to our building's unique 100 year old heritage. We can all tell just by looking at the final product that you put a lot of thought, time and effort into the project and we, as residents of the building, truly appreciate it. Keep up the good work. " Best, Matthew Robinson 

"The first time I entered into the office at 2nd Street Lofts it was an empty room, no decorations, no paint, just a simple desk located off to the side of the room. It seemed to emit a rather cold ambiance at that time, almost of a storm shelter or a panic room if you overlook the glass entry doors. But I was told right away that it was going to be remodeled and be made into a ultra-modern office space that will be beautiful, appealing, and functional. Wow did they come through! The vision that was portrayed has come to fruition the office is now spectacular. It is not easy to combine those three traits into a work space but they have made it happen." Thank you, Cory Roed

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