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On Point Polished Concrete Floors | Amazing Inspiration

We love the look of polished concrete floors and knew our commercial project was the perfect place for them. Check out this amazing inspiration we gathered!

As you may know, we are currently in the process of designing a commercial building from the ground up!  We can't wait to show it off once it's complete!  We are currently discussing finish options for the polished concrete floors that are going into the lounge and reception areas of the office.

From day 1 we knew we wanted to incorporate polished concrete floors into the spaces of the building and knew that the lounge and reception were the perfect 2 places to do so.  We also had a vision from day 1 on what we wanted these to look like.  Our goal is for these floors to be as close to the natural grey concrete color as possible with little, to no, sheen to them. We have gathered up our favorite inspiration images of polished concrete floors so you too can swoon over them until we reveal ours!  Check them out below - hey don't disappoint!

We are constantly updating our Instagram Stories and "Commercial" Feature Story on our commercial project so go check them out if you'd like to see our progress thus far.

We also did a blog earlier this year, What's In Store for EH Design in 2018, which gives a nice overview of the project so you can see the design direction.

Polished Concrete Flooring Inspiration

This image has always been the #1 filed away inspiration piece for us when discussing the polished concrete floors!  When we first spotted it we knew we had to keep it to show the contractors and subs what was in our heads for our design direction.  Believe us - it pays to have these sorts of inspiration images filed away when talking to contractors!  It makes everyone's lives a bit easier to use a visual to explain your vision.  There tends to be a lot less running in circles.


Get the Look

Design - deVOL 

Get the Look

Design - Photography by Jesper Ray

Get the Look

Design - Elizabeth Heier’s Home 

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Design - Altereco 

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In addition to the beautiful look of concrete floors, there are several benefits to them as well:

  1. Stain resistant

  2. Less Maintenance

  3. Cost - effective

  4. LEED Friendly

  5. Slip Resistant

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