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Sarazin Project: Commercial Project Reveal | Restroom Edition

The time has finally come that we are revealing pieces of our commercial project completed fall last year. The overall project took longer than any of us anticipated but the end result was more than we could have asked for. We will be revealing it in pieces because it’s just too large to throw it at you all at once so we will be starting with the bathrooms!

There are 4, yes 4, Restrooms in this office space that we designed:

  1. Guest Restroom

  2. Exercise Restroom

  3. Women’s Restroom

  4. Men’s Restroom

Guest Restroom

Go ahead and take a moment to just take that all in! This restroom sits behind reception and serves as the unisex bathroom. We were so excited to design this bathroom and because of it’s location, we knew it had to be good!

Don’t think we would put just any ordinary sink, countertop and faucet in this space. We used a highly durable matte black material and topped it with a white vessel sink and matte black sleek faucet.

Of course every detail of the space was considered. We installed a black framed mirror in the space and that amazing industrial matte black and brass schoolhouse sconce!

When we walked into the tile shop, this floor tile was displayed on their wall and the minute I saw it, I knew it HAD to be in that bathroom! It’s a hand drawn matte black and white large scale pattern tile. To offset the matte finish in the floor, we used this gloss white pencil tile and tied it back to the floor using a matching charcoal grout which also makes the pattern in the tile stand out.

Throughout the process the recurring theme was durability and low maintenance. We took the tile from floor to ceiling on this back wall to reduce the amount of damage caused by water.

The last and final detail of the space was the charcoal paint. We chose SW Peppercorn which complimented the floor tiles and offset the wall tiles.

Shop Lighting

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Exercise Restroom

Yes you read that right – exercise room restroom. This restroom sits off of the exercise room for the employees. A lot of the materials in this restroom are similar in nature but just slightly different and a bit more simple.

(unfortunately we had to take the photos prior to the shower glass going in so just imagine if there were glass on the half wall.)

For the floor tile we used a large scale black square tile to emulate the guest bathroom look in the main space of the bathroom. We seamlessly (per ADA and for looks) took a matte black penny tile into the shower portion of the floor. A penny tile in the shower is a good option because there is less slip with more grout.

The wall color chosen for this restroom was SW Ellie Gray.

On the shower walls and around the perimeter of the restroom, we used a larger scale white subway tile. There was a lot of space to cover so this large scale tile did the trick.

In this restroom we followed suite to the other restrooms and used matte black fixtures. The black against the white is just oh so amazing, and timeless!

We replicated the sink set up in this restroom to tie in the guest restroom as well.

We did switch up the lighting in this space which you will see later coordinates with the men’s bathroom lights. This amazing light is the Industrial Bolted Tube Light .

Women’s Restroom

We changed it up in this restroom for sure! We were able to add feminine touches to restroom but also used elements that coordinated with the rest of the restrooms in the office building.

Once again go ahead and just take in all of that detail!

We so badly wanted to add wallpaper to this restroom but knew it didn’t fit with the durability standard. So what did we do instead?! A beautiful textured tone on tone tile. Our favorite highlights of the restroom really reside in the sink area so we sectioned off this area with this tile. Really can’t get enough of this tile!

We used a really large scale white tile to coordinate with the other elements in the space and keep it nice and light in the space.

For the countertop in this bathroom we used a matte white durable surface and topped it with the same white vessel sinks as the other restrooms but used a brushed brass faucet here.

We installed brass framed mirrors in the women’s restroom. These are the same mirrors as the other restrooms to coordinate. The paint used in this restroom was SW Reticence which is a nice creamy taupe which pulls this color from the textured tile.

Then of course there is the lighting in this restroom! It’s just oh so good! Matte white cones with brass backplate! What’s not to love?!

For the floor tile we used a beautiful cream tile that compliments the cream in the textured wall tile. And even though it’s probably the least fun element in the space, we chose a matte white toilet partition to again keep it light in the space.

Shop Lighting

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Men’s Restroom

Last, but certainly not least, the Men’s Restroom!

Again there was no detail left out in this restroom! It all started with the stripe tile we found. I knew when I found it I wanted to run this blue undertone stripe tile down the center of the vanity from floor to ceiling so you could see it under the countertop as well.

To surround the stripe tile we chose a grey textured tile on the back toilet wall.

The remainder of the walls are surrounded by a masculine textured herringbone and the floor tile is a beautiful color mixture of all of the neutral tones combined.

he paint color chosen for this space is SW Software which is a charcoal blue color.

Of course we wouldn’t design the restroom without adding an amazing light fixture. Remember that light fixture from the Exercise Restroom? We used them here too!

Again, not the most exciting aspect of the restroom but we didn’t overlook the toilet partisan. We chose a matte charcoal to coordinate with the rest of the restroom.

Again, in the men’s restroom we incorporated the durable matte black countertop and topped it with the white vessel sink shown throughout and the matte black faucet.

And there you have it my friends! We have waited a long time to show you these spaces! We hope you found great inspiration!


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