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Master Suite Addition

“Should I stay or should I go?!”  Move out or add-on to acquire more space?  This family decided to stay and add on – the 3 F’s were up to me – finishes, fixtures and furnishings!

Instead of moving out to acquire more space for this growing family, they made the decision to stay in the wonderful neighborhood that they grew to love!  They added a second floor addition onto their ranch style home, which included an office space and a master suite.  This family contacted me to help work through the finishes, fixture and furnishings for these new spaces as well as freshen up the main level to bring balance to both floors.

Choosing exterior paint and stone was also necessary so that it would coordinate with the existing elements. This was such an exciting project!

Pictured here is the house before anything had been done.

Once the framing for the exterior was up it was time to work on the exterior finishes.  There was a lot to take into consideration to ensure that the addition didn’t look like an afterthought.  The existing structure had a redish orange brick siding with brown gutters and trim.  These elements were staying so we needed to work with them.  Once the addition was up, it almost seemed obvious that we would go with a dark tan for the siding and a cream for the trim to coordinate with the brick and gutters.

Next we needed to decide on brick for the fireplace stack and the front pillars.  This was a nice stacked stone that included all of the color tones within the existing elements and the newly chosen ones. We needed a way to bring everything together so it didn’t feel like there were a lot of miss matched materials and colors.

When these photos were taken the exterior still had a few finishing touches to be made before it is finalized.  We will be adding grids to the bay window to match the others, finish the paint on the pillars to match the cream trim, change out the front door and add a beautiful lantern to the front entry.  Once finished, this addition will look like it had always been there.

On the inside my initial main focus was the master bathroom.  Flooring, paint, fixtures, cabinetry, countertops, tile and tub surround needed to be chosen for this space. Here is the layout of the bathroom.

Keeping in mind the owner’s lifestyle, design style and the style and neighborhood of the home, we went with a classic yet updated look.  We started with the flooring – this was my favorite tile! It was a beautiful 12×24 cream tile with grey and tan veining.  This was the foundation for the entire space.  It had all of the cream, grey and tan tones we needed to bring the space together.

Next we chose the countertop.  The owner really wanted marble for the double vanity but with children and in a bathroom, this porous material didn’t suite their lifestyle.  I suggested the Hanstone Aspen Quartz as an amazing alternative.  Quartz is non-porous which is great in a bath where you’re using potentially staining items such as makeup.  Quartz also doesn’t have to be treated.  The Hanstone Aspen is a beautiful cream with grey veining just like marble.  The owner loved the material so we went with this as the double vanity as well as on the tub surround, and shower bench.

For the color of the double vanity cabinetry, we chose Sherwin Williams Dove Wing to compliment all of the cream tones in the bathroom.

For the shower we chose a classic subway tile for the shower which is classic for the era and style of the home as well as the location in which the home resides.  We went with 4×16 sized cream subway tile vs. the 3×6 standard size.  This adds a bit of an updated look to the classical look of the standard subway tile.  The subway tile was chosen particularly because of its timeless look.  We also decided to go with a cream vs. a white color because all other materials in the bathroom were more on the cream side vs. stark white.

We then added a marble herringbone pattern to the floor of the shower which was laid at an angle. The shower floor added that little bit of extra beauty to an already beautiful classic style.

The icing on the cake was the Sherwin Williams Silver Strand paint that was chosen for the space.  This is a beautiful greenish grey with hits of blue and was chosen to compliment all of the cream and grey tones in the room.  We wanted to keep things very clean looking but also add a bit of color without over doing it so it wouldn’t distract you from all of the amazing materials in there.  I absolutely love this color!

The overall feel of the bathroom has a clean, serene and calming effect done with tones of creams and greys throughout.  I love this bathroom and feel that it turned out beautifully!

The next thing that we focused on was the paint throughout the new addition as well as updating the paint on the main level so the spaces felt cohesive.  We decided on a nice neutral grey – Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter – for the bedroom and the main level.  This gave both areas a nice updated base color.

For the office and the hallway in the new addition we chose Benjamin Moore Dove Wing which kept this area nice and bright because of its nice cream tone qualities.

All of the paint colors in these spaces are beautiful neutrals which set the stage for adding accents, furnishings and finishes to the space.


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