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How the Runway Translates to the Home – Fall 2017 Design Trends | EH Design

Yes, we are talking fall trends!  Back to school is right around the corner (for some it's already here) and just like fall fashion trends, there are fall decor trends of course and they fall in line with each other!  

So it's almost time to switch out those lighter textiles for the cozier, heavier ones and bring in more texture throughout.  Some trends are no surprise as they are still going strong on the popular train and others are new takes on some older standbys!  There are a lot of fun things happening this fall in design and we've outlined them here!  

Here's what you'll be seeing both on the runway and in homes: 

Fringe - Fringe is taking off this fall!  It's the perfect way to add dimension and texture to your space to warm it up for the fall.

Fur - Put away those light weight throws and pull out the the warm fuzzy fur ones!  There are a ton of fun fall color options out there!

Floral - It's so fun to see the new take on grandmas davenport/living room sofa that no one was allowed to sit on!  

Gold - I'm so in love with brass of all shapes and sizes right now!  So many applications and oh so beautiful.

Leather - Oh how I love leather!  We are incorporating leather into our commercial project right now and I just can't get enough of it's versatility!

Patchwork - This is another fun comeback and I love the new play on it.

Neutral plaids - You cannot have fall without neutral plaids!

Hot mess/Deconstructed - This one is funny for me because I am OCD to the max but I'm LOVING the lived in, cozy, Hygge style!  I love designing in a way that is conducive to comfort, conversation and enjoyment! 

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