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Home Office Design 2nd Edition – Save or Splurge

Last week created a Home Office Save or Splurge design and the response was outstanding. You guys loved it and even asked for another version that has more of a masculine vibe. So why not deliver! 😉

Last week’s version had feminine attributes such as soft neutrals, brass, and white finishes and light woods.

This week’s version airs on the masculine side with darker neutrals, black finishes, soft leathers, and darker woods. I am loving this version and want to incorporate this into my own office. It’s oh so good!

It’s always nice to see these designs with 2 price points. You can bring down the Save version even further with a change out of the rug which brings the cost higher.

Check it out and feel free to grab some of these items for your own office – links to these items below.

Home Office (Masculine Edition) | EH Design

Shop Our Splurge Design

Shop Our Save Design

Shop the Whole Design

If you’d like to check out our various design service levels, feel free to do so! We’d love to hear from you!

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