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Carver Home Office Reveal | EH Design

We are so excited to reveal our Carver home office project!  This was completed in 2017 and we are finally able to share it with you.  This home owner is actually a neighbor and dear friend of mine.  Not only is she successful in her day job where she is able to work from home here and there but she also is a highly successful SeneGence distributor.  She was looking for a space that suited all of her office needs and displayed the wonderful product for clients. 

It was very important that this be a place where SeneGence clients and potential clients could come and easily view all of the products and a space where they would try products as well.  We kept the space very light and neutral so they didn't fight with the products and so that the products were the color stars of the space.  We're so pleased with how this has turned out!   

So without further ado - here it is! 

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Desk and Bookcase Materials

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You can shop a lot of the items in this office in the above slider, however, IKEA does not allow for this feature so we listed all of the desk and bookcase items below.

Desk Materials

Bookcase Materials

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