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Chanhassen Project: Living Room Reveal

This is the last reveal from our Chanhassen Project.  This was a larger project so we broke it up and revealed it to you room by room, with the living room being the final reveal.   Although this room is perfect year round, we felt it would be great to reveal to you during the fall season because it has the perfect makings of fall colors.  Check out the reveal below and see how we transformed this space.  You will see how we took large existing pieces the client wanted to keep and created what now feels like a completely different space.

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I gotta admit, when we first saw this sofa we weren't wild about it!  The home owner insisted on keeping it in the space and I'm glad they did because what we did transformed the look of the sofa completely.  This room sits right off the entry and is the first thing guests see.  We also wanted the homeowners to want to sit in there again and enjoy the room.

Because the sofa has red undertones it just wasn't working with the amount of red that was in the space.  The other red in the space was pulling too much red out of the sofa.  This was dating the piece.  And because the sofa is so modern, pairing them with a traditional chair such as the polka dot ones here just didn't work.  Unfortunately the styles clashed.  We knew we had to find a way to update this space and bring out the great qualities in this sofa.

See below how we transitioned the look of the room while keeping a few pieces - including the sofa 😉 .


So what did we do?

We paired the sofa with charcoals and blacks.  We found this amazing modern charcoal womb chair to bring in a larger piece of furniture which helps balance the colors and bring purpose to the combination of the browns and blacks in the space.

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We also painted the back wall a darker grey behind the sofa to offset the color in the sofa and to pull out more of the browns vs. reds from the sofa.

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Then there's the could probably imagine how excited we were to have found this West Elm rug which tied both the brown and blacks together, again bringing purpose to the space!  This rug could not have been any more ideal for this space!

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The home owner also wanted to keep many art pieces they currently had so when we initially planned everything out, the art was a big component in the design.  We liked this art piece in the space but it was too small for this large wall.  We pulled an art piece they had in the dining room to pair with it and then balanced it with the same size shelf underneath to complete the look.

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The details of the space were so fun to put together!  We chose to bring the brown over to the womb chair and window seat which makes the sofa have purpose in the space.  We also chose black and charcoal pillows and ones with both brown and black to tie it all together.  The end table in the space is a more modern end table as well with a bright white top and wood legs.

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