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Chanhassen Project: Entryway Reveal

Time for another round of Chanhassen Project Reveal!  This time we are showcasing the Entryway portion of this project! Simple changes to the space created major impact in the overall design in the entryway.  Just like the rest of the house, the home owners were not looking to make structural changes to the spaces so we set out to create a design that looked like it had a major facelift without the actual facelift.  

Earlier this year we revealed the Family Room and the Kitchen and Eat-in Dining portions of this project and we're super excited to show you the results of this space.  

We love a good entryway and are constantly gathering inspo on Pinterest.  Follow our Entryways board!


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We wanted to keep the entry nice and light, especially with it being a 2 story entry that gets a lot of nice natural light.  The entire main level was the same color so we broke it up by adding color in the other rooms and freshened up the light paint color in the entry using Sherwin Williams Downy which is a nice creamy white that coordinates really well with oak wood work so it DOESN'T draw out the orange and yellows in the wood.  

The outdated chandelier in this space had to be replaced and was actually hung WAY too high originally, as you can see in the before pictures.  Because the chandelier was hung too high, it wasn't giving off the proper light in the entryway.  We chose this beautiful tiered chandelier to help fill the space of the 2 story entry and hung it just above the door.  

The Details

Originally there was yet another table in this corner of the stairway and it just felt like table overkill with 3 tables total in the entire entryway.  It's also a good rule of thumb to provide a place for people to sit down and put on their shoes in the entry.  This corner was the perfect spot for it for both guests entering through the front and it also sits right off a small mudroom which doesn't have any seating space. We chose a darker wood tone in the bench to tie in the table to the left and wanted the darker charcoal cushion to tie in the carpet in the stairs as well as an amazing chair we put in the living room adjacent to the entryway, which you will see in a later reveal - stay tuned! 

It also gave us the opportunity to fill the wall space a little better for that area.  Another really good rule of thumb is to add a mirror of some sort in the entryway for quick checks in and out the door.  This also allows for natural light to bounce around the room, especially when it sits directly across from the front door.  We added a narrow shelf under the mirror for a few more decor details to add a bit more interest to the space.  

Adding in a super cute library light over the bench not only adds interest, but provides that bit of light needed on a cloudy day or at night.  The pillows used in the entry bring in the colors you will see in our Living Room Reveal portion of this project which sits right off the entry as well as colors from their Family Room to tie it all together.

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Of course it wouldn't be a space designed by EH Design without an amazing gallery wall included!  We proposed to the homeowners to demo the closet as it's afterthought bump out you see in these types of homes but since they didn't want to do any renovations to the spaces, we landed on this amazing gallery wall instead.  

The most important aspect of this gallery wall is that it comes flush with the top of the closet which completely eliminates the awkwardness of the bumped out closet which originally seamed to stand out like a sore thumb.  We also eliminated anything sitting on top of the closet and didn't hang anything around the door of the closet.  This pushes your line of sight to the gallery wall and away from the closet.  

As for what's in the frames - we proposed to our clients that they use some really colorful travel photos we found on Etsy and this got them thinking that they have some pretty amazing photos from trips they had taken as a family!  This was PERFECT!  The images brought in all the colors we were looking for and all the interest travel photos provide! 

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The homeowners wanted to reuse some of the art throughout their spaces so we chose to use these floral prints that were originally buy the stairs, in this space.  They provide the height we needed in this area and also brought in the colors we had in the rest of the main level.  We purchased a new entry table to freshen up the space and again used the darker wood used in the rest of the entry in this table as well.  These prints bring in the great color found in the entry kilim rug we purchased from Carver Junk Company and it all just ties in so beautifully!

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