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Chanhassen Project: Eat-In Dining Room & Kitchen Reveal

It's REVEAL DAY again today!!  A day that we get to showcase to you one of our finished projects.  A few weeks ago we revealed the Family Room of our Chanhassen Project and are now super excited to reveal to you the Eat-In Dining Room and Kitchen Portion of this project!  

We did several rooms/areas within the home and just loved this project.  Small changes within the space create a big impact in the final result of the space. 

Check out below what the spaces looked like before and how they turned out after!  

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The Details of the Design


Our amazing Chanhassen clients were not looking to do any major renovations to their space at the time but they were looking for recommendations to update the space.  Looking around, we knew exactly what we would do.  Now most peoples reaction to honey oak stain is to get rid of it immediately.  Often this isn't in the budget and in this case, the clients really liked their cabinetry.  We decided awhile back that instead of fighting with your honey oak, we would work with it! 

Simply updating the backsplash and changing out the pendant lighting made a HUGE impact in the kitchen. 

Starting with the backsplash, we chose a more modern long and glossy white subway tile with a slight texture.  The gloss in the tile allows the light to bounce off of it, making the space brighter and more modern and the texture in the tile casts shadows which plays off of all of the grey tones in the space.  We then chose a light grey grout so that it played with the shadows in the tile and made the tile pattern stand out a bit.  Your eye is now drawn to the basksplash and plays off of the oak cabinetry very nicely, creating that modern feel to the space.  

Let's talk about these pendants lights - oh my!  These beauties came from Rejuvenation and are on our top FAVORITE list right now (link listed below)!  We felt this kitchen island needed an over-sized pendant to update the space and they do just that.  We used a white drum shade to tie in the white backsplash and brighten the space up.  To tie all of the other lighting throughout the house in, we chose the oil rubbed bronze hardware.  Also, if you look closely, you can see that the cord has white spun throughout  which again ties in the white from the shade. We love how these helped transform the space.  

Another piece we added to the kitchen was a beverage cooler.   This added detail gives the kitchen a bit more customization and matching the stainless to the rest of the kitchen allows your eye to work nicely around the room.  

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Eat-In Dining Room

Then there is this Eat-in dining room! We are just in love with how this all transitions from one space to the next.  As mentioned, we revealed the Family Room portion of the design a few weeks ago which you can now see here as well!  

To soften the space a bit, we chose a round table instead of a square or rectangle.  This allows for better flow between the spaces and is plenty of room for family meals.  We chose a dark wood stain to tie in the existing media console from the family room and paired it with matching wood chairs for easy cleaning as this is the main hub of the home.  Matching these chairs to the table allows for one look so the space doesn't feel busy against the family room.

To ground the space and transition the colors from the family room, we chose a deep navy blue rug! We also chose to put a rectangle area rug underneath the round table to keep the lines on the floor similar so the rooms felt continuous.  This continues the line of site from one room to the next, making it feel more open and inviting.  

We are in love with this drum pendant over the eat-in dining table!  Again we chose a white shade with bronze hardware to tie in all of the lighting throughout these spaces.  The round drum shape plays off of the drum shape in the family room as well.  But we think our favorite detail is the thin bronze frame that encases the drum shade that almost comes off black.  Why?  Look how it ties in the black frames from the gallery wall!  It's all about tying the rooms together baby!  

Small detail here, but still significant...the light wood bowl on the table, ties in the cabinetry 😉 

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