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Bookshelf Solution for Little Kiddos Room | EH Design

We redesigned our daughters room last year to reflect her love for horses!  As vibrant and colorful as she is, the room needed to reflect that as well.  We chose an amazingly colorful horse to build the room around and then used more muted colors in the rest of the space to tame the colors down a bit.  You can see the full reveal here

As the kiddos grow, I am finding that we need to make small adjustments to their rooms to accommodate their ever changing needs.  Board books turn into thinner paperback books as the kiddos get older so we needed a solution for all of these books!  Standard bookshelves do not hold these books very well and the kiddos can't see the titles.  A great solution is to use photo ledges. You can get photo ledges just about anyplace.  Target has these nice white ones and Pottery Barn has these adorable colorful shelves.  The Land of Nod actually sells them as book ledges as well.  It's a great way to display the books so they can see the front covers and titles.  And because they are individual shelves, you can hang as many as you need and low enough so little arms can reach them.  We put this cute step stool in front of the shelves as well so she can reach the top shelf.  We love how it turned out!

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