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Wine and Dine with EH Design | EH Design

Who is ready for Thanksgiving?!  I certainly am!  Family, friends, turkey, wine, decor and so much more!  If you haven't quite thought about your table setting just yet, no problem - We've got you covered!  We have some simple ideas that you can incorporate with little effort to get your table ready for the Thanksgiving feast!  Grab the items we highlight below while you're out grocery shopping this weekend and viola - easy Thanksgiving table setting complete!

The Final Look

This Thanksgiving table setting is super simple to execute!  Check it out below! 

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What you will Need

Table Runner: Start with a nice table runner to set the stage for the rest of the decor.  You can shop a similar look below in the shop the post. 

Magnolia Leaves:  You can go real or faux here!  These here are the real deal from the local greenhouse but if you grocery shop at places like Lunds, Kowalskis, Whole Foods, or even Target is getting wise to the floral trend right now (no surprise there), they will usually carry seasonal floral and greens so pick some up while you're out grabbing your turkey this weekend!  Place a stem down flat on the table runner and layer them, hiding the end of the stems.  Switch directions in the middle of the table so the leaves are pointing toward the end place settings.  If you opt for faux ones, these can look pretty realistic and can be used year after year.   I picked up some great ones from Carver Junk Company the other weekend that I just love.

Apples:  This is a simple grab from the grocery store for a big impact!  Go for the lush red ones to bring a pop of fall color to add to your Thanksgiving table setting.  We love to place an apple on each place setting as well for that extra touch.  

Candle holders and candles: I am sure you have some of these laying around somewhere and if you don't, your mom probably does 😉 We like an odd number grouping, so 3 is the perfect number to group to one side of the table, in the middle or grab 3 more and place 3 on each end.  They don't have to match either.  Just make sure your candles are unscented as scented ones impede the taste of the food.  

Dishes and serving pieces:  We LOVE plain white dishes because they are so versatile and you can build on them for every season without having to change out your whole set.  You can shop the look below.  I love Crate and Barrel white dishes because they aren't too expensive and last a super long time!

Flatware: Use what you have on hand or switch it up to add interest with brass or even matte black flatware!  You can also shop the look below for both ideas.  

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