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Transition your Living Space for Spring | EH Design

After a long winter, we're ready to open those windows and transition our homes for the warmer months of the year.  Although it may seem a bit premature on the spring discussion because we can't yet open those windows, we are over winter at this point and just want to start thinking spring! 

We've  been invited to do a presentation this week about Hygge and how to transition your home from the cooler months into spring.  We did a similar presentation in December about doing the opposite - transitioning your home for the cooler months - which you can access here.  Now we're looking to transition our homes into spring and keep the hygge vibe in our spaces.  If you aren't quite familiar with hygge just yet, check out our previous post on this as well - How to Hygge for Fall - which will explain this for you. 

Before we dive in, first things first, declutter your space and clear out all of the holiday decor.  This will set the stage for clean spring decor.

We'll be breaking this into a few series to cover the home, starting in the family/living room.   So let's take a look at how we transition your living spaces for spring.  

Greens and Florals

Adding in greens and florals can make a big spring impact to your living spaces.  Adding in greens and fresh flowers to your space can bring the outdoors in.  Can't seam to keep these alive?  Use greens such as moss or faux flowers to keep the look going for longer without the hassle.  

Design: EH Design - The Many Faces of Moss

Design: Studio McGee

Shop Spring Greens and Florals

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Most, if not all hyggelig environments include candles.  Danes associate candles with hygge.  It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, candles are always appropriate.  Most of the time Danes will use unscented candles which are great for the ambiance if you don't care for scents.  We love to use scented candles in living spaces however, because many times we associate certain smells with happy moments in our lives.  For Spring, bring in floral scented candles to bring the outdoors in. 

Design: EH Design - Osseo Main Living Space

Design: EH Design - The Many Faces of Moss

Shop Spring Candles

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Throw Blankets

Simply change out your heavier throws for lighter ones.  You can never have too many throw blankets in my opinion, even in the warmer months.  There’s nothing like cozying up with a blanket, even in the warmer months when there's a chill in the air, so toss one over the sofa and also store extra ones in a basket for easy access for guests. 

Design: EH Design - Hygge

Design: EH Design -  Osseo Main Living Space

Shop Spring Blankets

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Throw Pillows

Pillows are an easy way to change out your décor for the changing seasons.  In the warmer months we bring in brighter pillows and fun patterns.

Pillows are such an easy and great way to change up your space and there are so many options that suit any style for any season.

Design: Caitlin Willson

Shop Spring Pillows

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