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Recipe for the Perfect Christmas Mantel

Iconic to Christmas is the Fireplace Mantel – are we right?! Check out how we hang our stockings by the chimney. Hint – it does require a bit of care 😉 It’s also where Santa enters to bring gifts after all! Use these 6 elements below to create the perfect Christmas mantel. The secret is to take these 6 main elements and slightly change them up a bit each year to get a slightly different look. See below what these 6 elements are.

1. Stocking Hangers

We love to start with the stocking hangers as they are the element that sits directly on the mantel. This year we found the Matte Black Iron Metal hangers from Etsy.

EH Design

Shop Our Favorite Stocking Hangers

2. Stockings

Six years ago we went on the search for the perfect neutral Christmas stocking that we hoped to be able to purchase with each additional kiddo. We found these Pottery Barn Channel Quilted Velvet Stockings which they still carry to this day so now each family member has matching stockings. Check out some great options below. This is an element that stays consistent year after year.

EH Design

Shop Our Favorite Stockings

3. Garland

EH Design

Garland is an element that can change up a bit each year. This year we chose to combine Cedar Garland and Eucalyptus Garland and offset them to the left-hand side of the mantel to balance out the tree we put on the right.

Shop Our Favorite Garlands

4. Bead Garland

We love to add bead garland to the green garland to add interest and texture. Last Christmas we used a natural wood bead and this year we chose to use a gold bead garland. This is another element that you can change up each year. The contrast between the natural greens and the wood elements are key.

EH Design

Shop Our Favorite Bead Garland

5. Ribbon

Sometimes there’s that one element that just drives a design and this beautifully sleek velvet ribbon was just that for this season! I love a good ribbon! Changing up the ribbon each year can make a huge impact. Check out the different in ribbon last year as well! Check our our favorite below as well!

EH Design

Shop Our Favorite Ribbon

6. Decor Accents

These are the elements that can really change up the mantel year after year. This year we chose to add just a few things. We kept the brass candle sticks and “LOVE” piece we have out all year round, added a touch of red with the berries, a few white accents for tone on tone depth, gold stars for a bit more interest and lastly we added a string of lights. Check out a few of our favorite pieces to add to mantels this year.

EH Design

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