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Our Favorite Bedding Element | EH Design

Even though we’ve had a few bonus warm days lately, the autumn colors have been creeping in for weeks. I love summer, and every year, saying goodbye to those endless hot days as they make way for chillier fall nights is a bittersweet process. The leaves start changing which is stunningly beautiful but I dread seeing my outdoor lights flick on earlier as daylight becomes shorter. But with it, fall brings some of my absolute favorite comforts and traditions. Apple picking and pumpkin carving, yummy baked goods and treats (maybe a pumpkin spiced latte or two) and cozy sweaters and vests are all such wonderful markers of the season.

As a designer, autumn holds a special place for me and I look forward to it all year. Fall is the perfect time to begin incorporating elements of warmth and comfort that will carry us right through winter and the holidays. This year, finding those elements of comfort feels more important than ever. One of my absolute favorite fall design changes to make is super simple, but it has a great impact; the relayering and restyling of bedding.

Beautifully handmade materials.
John Robshaw Quilts | EH Design

Late October/early November is that magical time of year when you don’t quite need heat on at night, and the combination of cool air and the added weight of heftier bedding makes for what is, in my humble opinion, the perfect environment for sleeping. Really, I get excited just thinking about it. Bedding is a design element that is as essential visually as it is functionally. Not only can it elevate a space, but bedding can shape the experience of the people in that space based on how they interact with it. Much like your fall wardrobe, bedding functions- and looks- best in layers. So, when my friends at John Robshaw Textiles reached out inviting us to incorporate their Lotus Quilt into one of our designs, we were over the moon. Quilts just so happen to be my favorite layer, and THIS quilt? I was in love. This hand stitch coverlet is so light, yet so warm and is the perfect addition to our fall bedding.

Why are we crazy for quilts? Well, a quilt usually isn't just a quilt. It’s a more luxurious option than a throw blanket for a living room, it can be the foundation for a picnic or star-gazing, a layer for warmth in winter, a contingency for that odd cool night in summer, a solace when you’re under the weather- the list goes on. But a good quilt provides comfort. A great one weaves itself inextricably into the design of your home and adds a layer of texture and interest you didn't even know you needed. Lucky for us, John Robshaw only makes great quilts.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the genius of the brand, let me give you a little background. John Robshaw started out as an artist who, during his travels, fell in love with the traditional process of block printing. After studying and traveling extensively, he began producing bespoke fabrics for major design houses like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. Eventually, his work was so sought after, he developed his own line which, after nearly 20 years, continues to grow its dedicated following. Not only are the prints and patterns unique and timeless, but they’re made by hand, using traditional, time-honored methods. Each pillow is hand-painted. Each block is hand-cut and hand printed. Every seam, hand stitched. The attention to detail and love poured into every item Robshaw makes is apparent from across a room, but is even more remarkable up close. No two pieces are alike, and each item is a work of art. If you’re looking for a way to elevate a space, a JR textile will do it.

John Robshaw Lotus Quilt | EH Design

As soon as we unboxed the Lotus Quilt, we could see and feel the beauty and detail and the work that went into it. We noticed the intricate and subtle variations and the high quality of the work. You really can’t help but be drawn in. This will be the perfect addition to our daughter Sydney’s room when she transitions into a big girl bed but for now, I think we’ll claim it as our own. It’s too beautiful not to!

John Robshaw | EH Design

There are a couple of ways we like to incorporate quilts into bedding:

  1. At the bottom of the bed to add texture and use as a blanket or,

2) Under the duvet to add layers and add extra warmth


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