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Modern Large Scale Portraits | The How To

The reaction and questions we’ve received from our Modern Large Scale Portraits at our Bayberry project was phenomenal! You all wanted to know how we did this and where we got those frames! Well folks we are about to reveal to you how we did it!

Secret – it was SO EASY!!!

Decision Behind the Prints

Believe it or not there is a method to our madness! — Let’s start with a bit of background regarding the client, which of course ultimately led to these great prints…Our client runs a daycare out of her home and we were tasked with redoing the front room, the family room and the eat-in dining room. We have yet to reveal the entire design but couldn’t hold off any longer on these prints since there has been so much chatter around them!

This large blank wall that sits as a backdrop to a couple of cozy chairs just kept getting me – I just didn’t know what to do on that wall and I wanted it to be just right. We were looking to add that personal touch to the space we felt it needed and abstract art just didn’t fit the bill in this case. So what better than to display their own kiddos?! It made perfect sense, especially with it being a daycare! We also wanted to reflect the character of the family and that was a laid back vice so we wanted these portraits to come across that way as well.

EH Design: Bayberry Project

EH Design: Bayberry Project

So I contacted the client and asked that she take candid pictures of the kiddos against a blank wall. I told her to not over think it and let them be who they are. She was such a great sport and just went with my idea. I’m pretty sure she was hesitant sending them to me, saying – “I’m definitely not a photographer!” but that didn’t matter here because it was about capturing candid shots.


So I chose my 3 favorite images from what she sent me and took the photos into Photoshop where I lightened all of the backgrounds, turned them black and white and cropped them to the same size. Here are the original images.


I cropped the the bottoms off to eliminate seeing the break in the flooring so the all felt the same.

Once we had the image edited and ready to go we sent them off to FedEx to run architectural prints at a 24×36 size on heavier weight/poster paper and viola – prints made!

The Frame

We wanted something a bit more whimsical than a standard frame. We also had several other frames planned for the space as well and just didn’t want to overdo it. With the chairs having a wood frame, we wanted to tie the material into what we used here as well.

These frames are amazing because they are magnetic which makes “framing” super simple and changing out prints is a breeze! They also have a leather hanger which was perfect for the space since we incorporated leather here and there throughout.

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EH Design: Bayberry Project

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