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Killer Entryway Inspiration | Floor Tile Inspiration

We set out to find the perfect entryway floor tile for our commercial project that is currently underway (get regular updates here) and we have a few ideas in mind.  We thought it'd be fun to show you the direction we are thinking so you too could be a part of this fun decision!  First of all, there is nothing like a good entryway and we are constantly swooning over beautiful ones.  A good entry often includes good flooring and boy do we have some goods ones here.

Check out these amazing entryways and see why we chose them as favorite inspiration pieces for this project, plus you can shop each look as usual because we have gathered items similar to those in the design.  Bonus!

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(This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link)

Commercial Project Color Inspiration

First, in order to understand our direction for the entry tile, we felt we should set the stage for you to better understand the overall color inspiration for the design from the beginning.  We saw this inspiration piece way back when we started the project and new it was the perfect inspiration piece to keep going back to throughout the project as we made our way through the design.  This will help you understand the reasoning behind our entryway floor tile direction.  Again, to see the progress of this current commercial project, follow us on IG and check out our feature story!

Killer Entryway Inspiration

There is nothing like a classic black and white tile and in our commercial design where we have black and white throughout, this would be such a great addition to the design!

Black and White Pattern Tile

This is a beautiful entry with a beautiful black and white pattern floor tile.  The materials and colors here are similar to what you will see in our commercial project and a big reason we are loving this floor tile.  This entry has a great old school feeling with a fresh look.

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We love this classic black and white smaller scale diamond pattern tile which adds a delicate touch to this entry.

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This entry flooring is killer good! Add to the classic black and white is a bit of gold!  Absolutely stunning! Not to mention the ceiling and all of the amazing decor!

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Ok Ok so this isnt' exactly black and white floor tile per say but we're calling it close enough!  And of course who woudln't think this is inspiration for some amazing floor tile!

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Grey Herringbone

Another option we have for the entry/vestibule in our commercial project is to do a classic long grey tile and lay it in a herringbone pattern.  The reception off of the vestibule is going to be a stained concrete so we're liking the idea of the reception being an extension of the entry but to add interest we would lay it in a herringbone pattern which is always a favorite of ours and will be an all time classic!

This is such a sleek and amazing entry!  Super simple but the floor tile adds such a punch to the design!

Designer: RTG Designs 

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We love the classic and traditional look of this entry and by creating that herringbone pattern with the simple grey tile makes such a difference without being an in your face pattern or design.

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Classic Brick Tile

Another great option we are considering for the entry of our current commercial project is a classic brick!  Of course we would lay it in a herringbone pattern because we would be silly not too! 😉  The receptions 20 foot ceilings will have wood beams so having a natural brick to coordinate with the beams would be amazing!

Ok wow this entry is amazing and the classic herringbone brick is stunning!

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This is another amazing example of brick floor tile in an entry! We are just loving this idea!

Design: Unknown

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