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Holiday Wish List for a Cozy Hygge Home | EH Design

Over the weekend I had the privilege of presenting about Hygge for the Home and how to create cozy spaces within your home for the cooler months!  For those of you that were unable to make it to the presentation, we thought we would break it down for you and provide links to products we would suggest to create these cozy spaces all on your own!  


Most, if not all hyggelig environments include candles.  Danes associate candles with hygge.  Most of the time they will use unscented candles which are great for the ambiance if you don't care for scents.  I love to use scented candles in living spaces however, especially during the holiday season because, many times we associate certain smells with happy moments in our lives.  Also, it's very important to use unscented candles in the dining room as scented candles will impede with the taste of food. Simply add a few candles to your table setting and you have created an inviting space to gather.

Below are some wonderful suggestions for CANDLES in your spaces.

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Throw Blankets

Simply change out your lighter throws for heavier, cozier ones.  You can never have too many throw blankets in my opinion.  Many people prefer to stay warm, especially in MN and love to curl up in a blanket.  So toss one over the sofa and also store extra ones in a basket for easy access for guests. 

Below are some wonderful suggestions for THROW BLANKETS in your spaces.

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Baskets are another element you can change out in your family room .  Many times it’s the elements inside the baskets that can change per season, not necessarily the basket themselves because they can be out all year round and are nor seasonal. 

As mentioned, store some extra blankets in your baskets for others to grab.  Places to put baskets would be by a fireplace, near the sofa or to fill a bare corner. I love the convenience and I also love the look because it adds texture and a natural element to a family room which brings in warmth to the space. Baskets can also be used for firewood. Even if you don’t have a wood burning fireplace, leaving wood by the fire creates that idea.

Below are some wonderful suggestions for BASKETS in your spaces.

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Throw Pillows

Pillows are an easy way to change out your décor for the changing seasons both in the family room and bedroom.  In the cooler months we switch out brighter pillows with more neutrals.  We also add in ones that have more texture like large knitted pillows or faux fur, both of which add more warmth and coziness to the space. 

Around the holidays we build on these even further by adding in holiday pillows for a more festive feel.  It’s such an easy and great way to change up your space and there are so many options that suit any style.  If you want to stretch the the time you have the pillows in out, choose ones that are geared more toward winter like faux fur or ones with snow flakes for example. 

Below are some wonderful suggestions for THROW PILLOWS in your spaces.

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Rugs can help transition your space into the cooler as well.  Choose a rug that has more texture and feels cozy under foot for a more inviting hygglig setting.  If you would prefer not to switch out a large area rug in your space, try layering your rugs.  We love this look!

Start with a neutral rug like a jute material and layer a softer material on top. You can also do this with layering fur rugs over an area rug or even a carpeted space.  This can be done indoors and out.  It adds a ton of warmth and texture to a space. 

Below are some wonderful suggestions for RUGS in your spaces.

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Gathering and enjoying time with friends and family as well as food are also very important aspects of Hygge. 

Dishes can be an easy way to switch up your dining space but doesn’t have to cost a lot.  If you already have a set of dishes, you can build on these for each season.  For example, for the holidays, simply add a decorative side or salad plate and the entire table setting changes without having to change out the entire set. 

Maybe you have a set of china from your grandmother but don’t want to use them. Pull out a few pieces from the set to use on the table. 

Below are some wonderful suggestions for DINNERWARE in your spaces.

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If you're going to have your friends and family over for dinner, it's a good idea to have some flatware for them to eat it with. 

Changing up your flatware is such a fun way to add interest to your table.  There are so many more options out there now like brass or matte black.  We just love this look. 

Below are some wonderful suggestions for FLATWARE in your spaces.

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Dining Furniture

The seating in your dining room is very important because if it isn’t comfortable, your guests will not want to stay seated for too long and that is not hygglig.  If you don’t want to change out all of your seating at once then start with the 2 at the ends.  Try to maximize your space as well so you aren’t having to split your guests up into 2 rooms.  Do this by adding in a bench in replace of a few chairs so more guests can sit. 

Below are some wonderful suggestions for DINING SEATING in your spaces.

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Kitchen Towels

Some may find this to be an odd one but read on and you'll see why I would suggest it!

Another important element in hygge is letting yourself indulge in great food, in moderation of course.  Many times we associate great moments in time with food, whether consumed or simply the smell.  How many times have you smelt something cooking and it instantly takes you back to that moment in time?  That is hygge!  Use tea towels to cover the dough while it rises or to wipe your kiddos hands after lunch.  We love the size and weight of tea towels and you can get them in so many patterns for the holidays.  

Below are some wonderful suggestions for KITCHEN TOWELS in your spaces.

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Bed Linens

Relaxation and rejuvenation are also very important in hygge and what better place to this oasis than in your bedroom and the guest bedrooms. If you have guests coming from out of town, it’s important to make them feel as comfortable as possible because that is the hygglig thing to do. 

Change out your cotton sheets for flannel sheets to create a more cozy bed.  You can also change out the coverlet or blanket.  We like to add fur blankets or heavier blankets to add more warmth to the room or a pop of color with a coverlet.

Below are some wonderful suggestions for BEN LINENS in your spaces.

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out to show your support and learn more about Hygge and the Home!  It has been amazing to learn about this way of living. 

We have another presentation coming up in February where we will be discussing transitioning your home for spring in a hyggelig way!  Hope you can make it! 

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