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Gift Guides with Home in Mind | EH Design

While spending more time in our homes this year we’re finding new ways to improve them, big or small, which brings us comfort when we need it most. We’ve curated a collection of the smaller scale gifts with home in mind to help create a space you love living in.

  1. Designer Pillow Covers - Neutral Solid & Pattern Pillows are the easiest way to transition a space, especially when they are pillow covers. You can unzip them, switch then out and store them easily. These are 2 beautiful neutrals that go with just about anything and easily transition into fall and the holiday season.

  2. Hand Soap and Lotion: A self-care indulgence is possible in the easiest of places by swapping out ho-hum hand soap with this duo of wash and moisturizing lotion. Hand hygiene is something we’re spending a lot of time on, and this set makes soaping up feel like a mini-spa trip rather than a chore.

  3. Bath Robe: The ultimate in comfort - A faux fur bathrobe, monogrammed for an extra-special touch. Perfect for lounging in style, this will keep her warm all winter long.

  4. Slippers: Cozy and cute slippers that function both as indoor footwear and actual shoes are an accessory she’ll love. These are our absolute favorite for both comfort and style.

  5. Vase: Vases are perfect with nothing in them, displayed on a shelf, with faux stems to add interest and height to a space or also for fresh flowers as an alternative to a clear glass vase. This one is inexpensive and neutral so can be used anywhere!

  6. Basket: Baskets are one of our go-to items in a home. They are catch-all bins that look great! The leather detail on this particular basket adds that perfect touch.

  7. Floor Plant: Filling a corner with a beautiful faux floor plant like this one add so much dimension to a space, not to mention some greens which can liven up any space.

  8. Art and home accessories to subtly change the scenery. Chances are, she’s a little fatigued of the same four walls. Incorporating new decorative accents is a great way to freshen a space and step into the new year with a new palette. Whether it’s a simple swap of pillow covers, or adding in art and objects, we love these versatile pieces for breathing new life into a room.

  9. Diffuser: Scent is one of the most powerful ways to improve mood. This sleek diffuser will infuse a sense of calm into any space, and will look good doing it.

  10. Coffee Book: A coffee table book is always a welcome addition to a well-styled room, and this one isn’t just a pretty cover. In The Theology of Home II: The Spiritual Art of Homemaking, authors Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering thoughtfully discuss, explore and exalt the role of homemaker.

  11. Indoor/Outdoor Lanterns: These are the perfect lanterns for both inside and out because there is no glass to keep clean. The sleek modern lanterns come in multiple sizes.

  12. Decorative Bowl: A decorative bowl can be used in multiple places. From the kitchen with fruit to the shelf as a stand alone, you'd never get tired of it.

  13. Yoga Mat and Yoga Cushion: This beautiful mat and cushion can renew or spark a love of meditation and yoga, whose health benefits are too numerous to name. They’re also a lovely addition to any space.

  1. Traeger Smoker: Not only will the griller in the family love this smoker, those eating what had been prepared will too. So good!

  2. Nest Thermostat: Why we love this is because not only is it a sweet system, they come in multiple colors like brass! Yes - I said brass!

  3. Slippers: We love a good pair of slippers, especially in the winter in a home that is primarily hardwood or laminate. It's a staple in our home!

  4. Leather Cord Organizer: There's a place for everything and everything in its place. Cords everywhere drive us crazy, so why not get them organized! We'll all feel better about it.

  5. Scrabble Board Game: We wouldn't mind leaving this game out on the coffee table! We love a good game night.

  6. Decanter and Glasses: Perfect for the home office space!

  7. Picnic Bag: For the hopeless romantic who also likes to look good doing it.

  8. AirPod Leather Holder: For the person in your life that doesn't go anywhere without their beloved AirPods.

  9. Home Office Desk Organizer: Most of us are working from home more often and being organized is important for productivity. Plus, it looks good!

  10. Bath Towels: Who doesn't love a good bath towel and this one comes in a bath sheet for the big and tall in your life.

  11. Yeti Coffee Mug: Because Yeti everything is top quality. Use at home and on the go.

  12. Cutting Board: These are perfect as cutting boards and/or chartreuse boards.


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