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If you’re anything like us, you’ve been chomping at the bit to get going on your holiday decorating. Before you turn your home into a tornado of glitter and garland, we’ve got some tips for blending seasonal décor into your existing palette.

Pick a theme or colors you would like to focus on. While it can be tempting to incorporate everything and anything that falls under the umbrella of “holiday,” it’s best to pause and come up with a plan. Start by evaluating your space and come up with a concept, then determine what will work well in each room. You can make any theme work, but the key is consistency. Taking small elements, like gold ribbon, and weaving into multiple spaces will give your home a sense of cohesion and polish, without giving anyone whiplash.

Here is an example of a Transitional Blue Holiday:

Here is an example of a Traditional Red Holiday:

Here is an example of a Modern Neutral Holiday:

Think in layers. Switching out some elements of a space and layering in seasonal colors and textures by way of pillows and throws is a great way to set the holiday stage without needing to completely redecorate. Set a magical, holiday-festive table by adding seasonal linens and chargers to your traditional settings. Holiday hand towels in bathrooms, and dish clothes in kitchens add a subtle touch of merriment.

Here is a great example of before and after holiday decorating in an entry...

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Notice that not much changed in the entry. We simply layered holiday into the design. Don't be afraid to over layer during the holidays. Not only does this give a cozy vibe to the space, it also makes the transition to spring feel more airy and decluttered when the time comes.

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Add an unexpected element. Designers are always looking to find a new way to take on traditional holiday decorating, whether it's using oversized elements, or a bold, monochromatic ornament installation, try looking at your decorations through a new lens to see what fun new takes you’ll come up with.

Bring the outside in. Whether it's a garland, wreaths or a live tree, the holidays feel even more special with the sights and smells of natural greens. If you’re sensitive to greenery or are looking for a low maintenance option, there are some fantastic, high quality realistic faux options available, too.

Include new decorations, but keep the old (One is silver and the other one gold!). We love this year’s take on fun and fresh holiday décor, and are particularly excited to add some new items to the mix and incorporate them into our family decorating traditions. Here are a few extra special finds we’ve been eyeing that will keep your decorating both classic, and on-trend.

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