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Starting off the Holiday Season | EH Design

This time of the year is funny. You can walk through the aisles of a department store and simultaneously find décor celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's crazy that the Holidays are right around the corner and I think this year we need even more holiday cheer.

This year, Thanksgiving lands on the 26th of November, which means we’ve got less than a month from our last bite of stuffing until we’re tucking ourselves in on Christmas eve. In a normal year, the hustle and bustle of the holidays - parties, shopping, school plays and concerts, etc. - would make decorating seem rushed for many. Though this season will be unlike any in recent memory, the slowdown and minimal social engagements will give us a rare opportunity to focus on making our winter décor truly remarkable.

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It's a guarantee that kicking it up a notch with an extra spectacular approach to winter decorating will take spending an unprecedented amount of time in our homes from dreary to magical. Maybe this is the year you unpack Grandma’s Christmas village, or finally wrap every branch of that front-lawn tree in twinkle lights. Maybe you incorporate some new decorations that will be passed down for generations to come. Or maybe you create special ornaments with family, beginning a new holiday tradition. There are countless ways to use holiday decorating to add punch and pizazz to the season, and over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing various ways to make your home cozy and festive for 2020.


Now Offering Holiday Design Services

We’re also super excited to offer custom holiday décor packages, which are sure to bring all the magic and wonderment without any of the planning or stress. Packages can be tailored to include design plans or full execution and installation.

To get you in the holiday spirit, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite things we’ve spied in our search and wanted to share them.

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