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Friday High 5’s

Hands up for the weekend! For those of you that were here last week, welcome back to our Friday High 5 series and for those just joining us, welcome!

Last week we rolled out our Friday High 5’s where each week we will take you through the top 5 highlights by category from the week. And because we can’t actually high five each other, we’ll do it virtually! We’ll cover the highlights from the 5 categories below.

  1. Design Related High Five

  2. Product-Related High Five

  3. DIY Home Improvement Related High Five

  4. Family and Friends Related High Five

  5. General Related High Five

1. Design Related High 5

Each week we will highlight what we feel is high five worthy from a design standpoint!

This week we are highlighting our design services because we are feeling fantastic about the direction things have shaped into over the last month or so.

This week we are highlighting our design services because we are feeling fantastic about the direction things have shaped into over the last month or so.

Typical timeline is roughly 3-6 months for a decorating project without construction.

Our current and potential clients have been fantastic in that they have quickly adjusted to where the world is at right now and we have been working through new ways of remotely working. We have put installs on hold for the time being but that’s not a forever thing.

Knowing that the typical timeline is roughly 3-6 months for a decorating project without construction, this is the perfect time to get started.

Virtual Design

In addition to the adjustments being made to our full-service design, we launched our Virtual Design for those with a do-it-yourself attitude. A full break down of the services can be found here.

2. Product Related High 5

The product-related high five is a compilation of our 5 favorite products from this week.

EH Design’s Favorite Design 5 of the week | EH Design

Shop the Favorites

Magnolia Scallop Cement Pot

3. DIY Home Improvement High Five

Two things we are loving – Vintage Art and Printable Images. What do you get when you put the 2 together? A vintage look Print at a lower cost!

Of course, we love original prints but that’s not always feasible and in the budget, so we set out to get this look at a lower cost and are loving it. Check it out!

Check out our Instagram highlights “Vintage” Art to see full details!

Vintage Art for Less

Vintage Art Print for Less | EH Design

Link to the Art

Summer Heat | Juniper Print Shop | EH Design

Art Frame

4. Family and Friends Related High Five

Obviously our time with family and friends is limited at this time but we are doing what we can to stay in touch.

Our 5 year old son, Preston, has a best friend turning 5 this weekend so we are headed to his house for a social distanced bike ride and ice cream!

This should be fun for them and pretty cute!

What are ways that you guys are staying in touch?

5. General Related High Five

Last week in our Friday High 5 we started sharing our COVID journey with you and thought it would be a great idea to keep a running update as this is something we all have in common and can relate to.

So last week we sent the littles back to daycare and…

If you read last week, we made the decision to put out 2 littles back in daycare. This was a tough decision but ultimately felt pretty good about it.

Come Monday, our littlest, Sydney (1.5) came down with a fever. Of course, this was no time to mess around with illnesses and fevers so we got her to the doctor. Luckily it was just a wicked ear infection and nothing to be too concerned about but she was still in a lot of pain. When we got her home she threw up. Luckily just the once and she quickly bounced back.

Then on Tuesday evening, our oldest, Addi (8) threw up. Again, just once and quickly bounced back but a bigger bummer nonetheless. I can’t help but wonder if this was a big slap in the face for sending the littles back to daycare…

On another note…

But a similar one…Monday and Tuesday were rough with our kiddos being sick but we got through it, all kids are back to health and we’re back on track.

Addi and I have really found our groove with homeschooling and work balance and feeling like I can do this for the next month that’s left of school.

I really do feel like I have climbed that emotional hill of a rollercoaster and can see the other side. We are starting to adapt to our new normal and feel our current and prospective clients are as well.

This gives me hope that whatever is on the other side of all of this isn’t’ too bad, or at least something we can navigate through.

I hope you all are feeling a bit better in all of this. There are good days and there are bad days and when I have a good day, I try to really take it all in and be grateful for them.

Love you all! Stay healthy! See you next week!

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