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Fireplace Shiplap Facelift | EH Design

We are so excited to share with you our Fireplace Facelift!  We wanted the debut of the new fireplace to be prior to getting it all dressed up for the holidays so here it is! 

The fireplace was already a beautiful focal point but we always wanted it to be a bit more on the grand side.  We debated for a few years about what we wanted this to look like and finally decided. 

The project in reality was not all that time consuming or difficult.  We measured the length of the mental and the height from the mantel to the ceiling  to determine the amount of shiplap we needed.  We purchased unfinished shiplap  so we could paint it the same as the mantel and surround.  Because we wanted a finished look we framed out the shiplap on each side and top.  From there we ran the boards up from the mantel to the ceiling frame.  We then caulked around the entire thing to hide the seams. 

To complete the final look we added the beautiful canvas. We just love this piece because it brings up the black from the fireplace surround up.  And to highlight the beautiful canvas, we added the amazing brass picture light which is my all time favorite.  I couldn't be more in love with this fireplace.  LOVE!  Enjoy!  


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