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Family Room: Beard Project Reveal

It feels so good to be able to bring you another reveal after the COVID drought! Beard project family was a bit different than others…but then again, no 2 projects are the same. What made this one a bit different was that the homeowners already had a lot of the items, they just were having a hard time pulling it all together.

The project scope in a nutshell:

  1. Finish off the built-ins so they weren’t asymmetrical

  2. Give depth to the built-ins

  3. Style the built-ins

  4. Place their curated art collection

  5. Finish off the room altogether to create a cohesive look

Prior to EH Design, this lovely built-in was one sided. The left hand side of the built-in was not there and the owners felt like this threw off the entire space.

The solution was to continue the built-ins to the left wall, even though the width on both sides was not the same. To trick the eye, we created a 2-tone shelf and brought the wood treatment to the ceiling. We also added sconce lighting above on each side. You would hardly even notice this and now the room feels balanced and complete.

The family had a fantastic selection of art that we couldn’t wait to highlight. We took these two stunning brass framed ones and highlighted them with sconces on each side of the built-in. The others we placed in a gallery wall for them to admire on the wall behind the sofa, opposite the chairs.

Each piece of decor was carefully chosen in the space to both fi the narrow shelving and to feel purposeful. Bits of beauty mixed with functional storage and personal mementos.


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