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Fall Family Room Decor

We love to change out decor for each season because it's an opportunity for a refresh on your home.  It changes up the space for each season and puts us in the mindset for each season. We always like to start with a mood board which we did for fall here - Fall Mood Board.  This puts us in the mood per season and helps us focus on what the overall feel is going to be.  This season we are really liking natural wood tones and neutrals. This brings a lot of texture into the home and brings the outdoors in.

Decorating per season doesn't have to be difficult.  Add in a few elements as we did here and it can really change up the space.  Check what we did for fall family room decor for this season and where to get the pieces!  Happy Fall!

Fireplace & Mantel

We love to change up the fireplace because it's such a focal point of the room and the mantel is high enough that the kids can't get at anything on it.  For each season we change up the vases or simply what's in the vases.  To make this an uncomplicated things, we layer decor around staple items that we have out year round.

To add drama and height we used cattails in a clear glass vase and paired that with a chunky walnut vase to balance it out the openness of the clear glass.  We found these super cute small glass bud vases and grab some brown ones that go with our neutral palette.

To balance out the sides of the mantel we added a smaller walnut bud vase on the other side on top of a stack of book.  We simply turned the books around to expose the pages which play off of the brown neutrals we have around the space.

We also added the wood houses from the Hearth and Hand line from last year and kept the brass candle sticks to offset the brass LOVE we have on the mantel all year round as well.  For a traditional fall touch we added a stem of cottonwood tucked behind the vases.

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Sofa & End Table

For the sofa area we changed out just a few pillow covers from what we typically have in the summer.  Pillow covers are amazing because you can keep the pillow inserts and totally change the look of the sofa by changing up the covers.  It's also a huge space saver for storage because you're not having to store large pillows, just the inserts.

On the end table we did the same thing as the mantel where we layered around items we have out all year round.  We added another walnut vase, small brown glass bud vase and a stem of cottonwood to this table to balance out the room.

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