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Fabulous Fall Inspo | EH Design

If you've been keeping up with my blogs and follow me on Instagram you would know that my all time favorite season is fall!  With the weather getting cooler and the days a bit shorter, I am finally accepting that summer is over and fully embracing fall.  I spend my weeks designing and decorating client homes, that on the weekends I love to put a little time into our home.  

I have a presentation coming up in December where I'll be talking about hygge.  I have touched a bit on this in previous posts. The act of decorating our home is a way for me to hygge - I transport into my creative happy place to create a space I love. As we spend more hours indoors with the weather getting cooler, we desire a space we are comfortable and cozy in - this is hygge.  

Our family picked out our pumpkins this weekend from our local pumpkin patch and I pulled out our fall decor.  I focused on the entry, dining room, family room and just a touch in the bedroom.  

This fall it's all about simple decor changes for a big fall impact!


Master Bedroom

I love the simplistic touches added to the end tables in the master bedroom. Little white pumpkins paired with a delicate stem of eucalyptus brings the perfect amount of fall to our bedroom with little effort. <3


In the entry we added a couple of fall touches to the space by adding a few pumpkins and some cottonwood to the vase. 


Our dining room is right off the entry so I love to create beautiful tablescapes for each season.  My hubby thinks the dining room is a waste of space in the location it's in and I really can't argue with him there but boy do I LOVE to transform this space.  

I got the "Give Thanks" plates at Home Goods a couple of years ago and just love these plates.  The brass flatware came from Target, candlesticks from Carver Junk Company, the eucalyptus from Lunds and Byerlys who caries Bachman's flowers, and the pumpkins from our local pumpkin patch.  There is nothing like loading up the dining table with beautiful decor.  

Family Room

In the family room, on the mantel, I replaced most of the green with white pumpkins and stems of eucalyptus.  I love the delicate sprigs of green, the little white pumpkins against the deep navy blue and with touches of gold.  

On the end table I just added yet again those cute white pumpkins!  LOVE 


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