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EH Design Lifestyle – The North Shore & Glensheen Mansion | EH Design

EH Design's Lifestyle blog is where I share about life, favorite trends, family, food, recipes, entertaining, cleaning, organizing, gardening, etc. - additional passions of mine that make up who Erin Haugerud is! Of course there will be sprinkles of design, architecture and decor because this is at the core of my being 😉   

This past weekend we headed to the North Shore in Minnesota where we stayed in Two Harbors.  Last year we did the same trip with my mother-in-law and caught the tail end of the fall colors which are beautiful heading up that way in October.  We decided to take the trip again this year with my mother-in-law and my parents, but instead of catching the tail end of the fall colors, we caught the beginning of winter!  Even though the fall colors were gone, we were able to enjoy this beautiful winter wonderland!  We popped on the fire in the cottage, grabbed some hot cocoa, pulled out the board games and enjoyed the changing season - Hygge!  We relaxed, got out and enjoyed lake superior, toured a logging camp, and because it was Halloween weekend we carved some pumpkins. 

My mom and I also decided to sneak away for a bit while the kiddos swam to tour the Glensheen Mansion and this did not disappoint.  There was no way I was going to leave the North Shore area without touring that mansion that was chalk full of design inspiration and amazing history.  I captured a ton of imagery and left feeling super inspired.  Of course, because I am not a history expert or Glensheen Mansion expert, I would highly suggest getting there in person and taking the tour as there is nothing like!  Below I have shared my favorite spaces and pieces of the home but there is SO MUCH MORE TO SEE!

Family Time

Started off at Tobies in Hinckley for some awesome breakfast and sweets and to do a little shopping.

We stayed at the Larsmont Cottages on Lake Superior.  It was stunning there!  The first day the waves were crashing on shore and it was utterly breathtaking!

I got a lot of questions about my hat, vest and scarf in this picture:

Hat - Target $1 section - joke!  My daughter and I both picked one up each for $3! My daughters pink one is shown on her above. The things you will find in that $1 section! Target for the win once again!

Vest - Target 2 years ago - Still one of my favorite vests to this day!  I sort of have an obsession with vests!

Scarf - Carver Junk Company is where I got this scarf locally handmade.  This scarf is amazing and I wear it on repeat!  There is a leather strip that buttons it up and the fur inside of the herringbone exterior pattern is to die for!

The Glensheen Mansion


The exterior was magnificent!  That door <3 I hear it's even better in the summer with all of the gardens in full bloom but I thought it was just so beautiful seeing all of the creeks, bridges and of course the view of Lake Superior.  

Carriage House

Out of everything throughout the mansion, I have to say, my favorite area was the carriage house.  The amazing design and materials used in there  were unreal!  Brick flooring laid in a herringbone pattern.  Large white subway tiles from floor to ceiling.  Massive wood doors with transom windows to close off the carriages from the horses when parked.  Brass finials topping the horse stalls.  It was just beautiful!  


The interior of the mansion was spectacular!  Things to see everywhere you looked.  The thing that surprised me the most where the elements in the home that are widely used today like hex tiles, subway tile, the sofas, the wall paneling, the rugs.  It was all too beautiful!


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