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Design Process | Phase 1: Discovery

We want our clients to feel at ease about the design process and many people haven’t worked with a designer before so they aren’t sure what to expect. We’ve always operated with full transparency in mind which builds confidence and trust from our clients, knowing what to expect from the get-go and equipped with all of the details and facts.

It’s not only the end result, it’s how you get there!

We have executed this process both locally and remotely with ease through phone calls, virtual meeting walk-throughs and construction site visits as well as through email.

EH Design | Shavers Remodel

Phase 1: Discovery

Inquiry for Design

We have a fantastic online inquiry form built for an initial discovery into our client’s needs and desires. This form is intended to jump-start our initial conversation and leads to our next step in the process.

In this form we like to gather your initial thoughts and information on the rooms you’re looking to tackle, whether it’s a remodel, new build or decorating service you are looking for, where you’re located and your thoughts on your initial budget. We’ll talk this through over the phone which leads to the next step.

It’s also important for our clients to get an idea of who EH Design is and we have a lot of fantastic places to discover a bit more about us and the project we have done.

Phone Consult

The phone consultation is a complimentary 20 to 30-minute phone introduction to find out more about you and your needs. During this call, we’ll discuss your project in more detail, discuss the design process, and set up an initial consultation. Once we both feel that we have what we need, we gather your availability to set up an In-Home consultation.

In-home/In-person Consult

This is the step where we get to see your space in person if you are remodeling and/or redecorating. If you’re building, this is where we look through your plans in more detail.

This is also a chance for EH Design to get to know you and your family as well as a chance for you to get to know your designers. We will dive into your home in detail and discuss your needs, expanding on what was discussed over the phone.

During the In-home consult, we will walk the home and do the following along the way:

  1. Make a note of your needs and wants in further detail

  2. Discuss your likes and dislikes Discuss family life to better understand the needs of the home and the dynamics of those living in it

  3. Document the space by taking photos to reference later

  4. Document existing furniture to be used

  5. Take necessary measurements

For those building new, we will discuss the above while looking through plans.

Our In-home consults require a flat rate of $115. The consultation fee will be applied to the design services at the end of the project moves forward. The fee is also nonrefundable in the event it does not.

EH Design | King Rail Project | Executed Remotely

Proposal & Budgetary Estimates

All the information we have gathered up to this point – from the phone and initial consults – are compiled into the following estimates and provided to you for review and budgeting:

  1. Proposal – this document outlines the project from a design services standpoint and includes the cost per project for our services.

  2. Merchandise Estimate – this is a high-level overview of the furniture, decor, art, etc., we would estimate for your project. Keep in mind that this is an “all in” estimate with most everything we discussed at the consultations.

  3. For those remodeling, you will receive preliminary estimates from our contractors as well.

Equipped with this information, you can now properly budget for your project. Once we have signed agreements and retainer in hand, phase 2 can begin!

This leads to Phase 2: Design


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