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Design Process | Phase 3: Project Management

We consider this to this Project Management Phase the “back of the house” phase. A lot of the tasks below are performed behind the scenes and are necessary to properly execute the project after Phase 2: Design has taken place.

Site Visits

For those remodeling or building new, regular site visits to check on progress will be made. It’s also fun for us to see the vision come to life 😉

If you are redecorating your spaces, site visits may need to take place to verify measurements and/or accept large shipments.

commercial building plans

EH Design | Large Commercial Building


Once the design has been finalized and a down payment on the merchandise has been received, purchasing can begin using the detailed purchasing list previously developed. We begin with the large items and work our way down from there.


Large items are shipped directly to the client and other items will be shipped directly to EH Design for inventory tracking and quality control.

Inventory Tracking and Quality Control

All shipments are tracked and inspected for damage upon arrival. Any necessary returns take place here as well.

Family Room design

EH Design | Lakeville Project

FF&E Scheduling

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment – that is for those not in the know! Those items previously purchased will need to be scheduled for delivery. These items are typically those large pieces of furniture you first purchased or the light fixtures that arrived. The last date that is scheduled to arrive is typically the driving date for Implementation.

This leads us to Phase 4: Implementation


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