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Crazy about Lighting: Cone Pendants Edition

Cone Pendants - Oh how we love and heart over these beauties!  We just revealed our Kitchen portion of our Chanhassen Project where we used these bad boys and we could not be more in love with how the space turned out!  They gave this space an instant face lift and modernized the kitchen drastically.  

Whenever we feast our eyes on these while scrolling Pinterest, we have to stop, stare and pin!!  Check out some of our favorite cone pendants we have pinned recently for some uber pinspiration. We have gathered up our favorites below as well so you too can get the look.

So why do we love them so much?!  We're drawn to their sleek, modern and dramatic design.  They make such an impact in a space and with so many variations, they seam to fit in just about anywhere, for any style. 

Below we've rounded up some of our favorites!  Go ahead - check it out! 

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link)

EH Design Top Picks

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White Cone Pendants

Design by EH Design

Design By Rejuvenation

Design By Studio McGee

Design by Becky Owens

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Black Cone Pendants

Design By Studio McGee

Design By Rejuvenation 

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Brass Cone Pendants

Design by Alecia Stevens

Design By Becky Owens

Design By Driven By Decor

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Glass Cone Pendants

Design By Studio McGee

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You know you're been wanting to update your kitchen lighting!  Go grab some of these to update your space in an instant. If you didn't check out our last blog post - Chanhassen Project: Kitchen Reveal where we used these pendants, you have to check it out now!  These beautiful cone pendants give this kitchen an instant face lift!  

Have a fantastic week lovelies! XOXO 

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