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Color Trends for 2018 | EH Design

As we head into the year, we wanted to review the 2018 colors of the year from both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore that were released back in October.  We get so excited when these come out because they really set the color stage for the upcoming year and it's so fun to play around with new colors and palettes. 

Color trends for the home go hand in hand with color trends in fashion but they don't always meet up at the same time however, as it sometimes takes the interior industry just a bit longer for home owners to grasp these trends and want them in the homes. 

Looking through fashion trends from places such as Elle or Vogue you will note that the colors are very much inline with the colors of the year.  Last fall we put together a blog How the Runway Translates to the Home that you should check out as well!  

Now let's take a look at the colors of the year from both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.   

Sherwin Williams

Oceanside SW 6496

This beautiful mix between rich blue and jewel-toned green is the perfect combo!  We are in love with Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2018, Oceanside and can't wait to see it incorporated in spaces.  Too much for a wall?  Use it on a piece of furniture.  You can even tone it down a bit further and incorporate it into decor so it isn't so overwhelming.  We are in love with the richness of this color! 

Benjamin Moore

Caliente AF-290

Talk about bold! Red is making a come back and Benjamin Moore has named Caliente AF-290 their 2018 color of the year. This beautiful and bold red dominated the runways in fall and is moving into the homes in 2018.  Again, if you're not ready for this much red, tone it down and use it in your decor pieces.  You'll accents of this color in our upcoming reveal of our Chanhassen Main Level project.   

See these Colors in Action

We gathered up some great examples of how these colors are used.  Not only are we seeing more of these colors pop up in homes, we are also seeing a lot of them being used together.  Below see them shine solo as well as sing as combos! 

Little secret - you will be seeing these colors in an upcoming project we put together in 2017 and will be releasing in the next couple of months. 

Check out some great inspiration below!

Source: Wit & Delight

Sherwin Williams 2018 Color Pallete

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Pallete


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