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Christmas Tradition - Candy Cane Bread| EH Design

Candy Cane Loaf and Filling

1 Frozen Rhodes Sweet Dough

1/4 Cup Melted Butter

2/3 Cup Granulated Sugar

3 Tbps. Cinnamon


1 Cup Powdered Sugar

1/4 Cup Butter, softened

2 Tbsp. Milk

1 tsp. Vanilla


Maraschino Cherries

1) Thaw dough according to the directions on the dough bag

2) Melt Butter

3) Mix together the granulated sugar and cinnamon

4) Cut dough into 3 even sections, lengthwise

5) Dust countertop with flour

6) Roll dough each section lengthwise, creating a flat surface

7) Baste with melted butter on rolled out dough

8) Sprinkle generously with sugar and cinnamon mixture

9) Roll dough up lengthwise and pinch dough together to create a closed roll

10) Place seam side down on cookie sheet

11) Repeat 2 more times

Pinch the top of all three dough rolls together

12) Braid the 3 rolls together.

13) Fold over the top of the braided dough to create a candycane

14) Cover with Flour towel and let rise

15) Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees or until golden brown

16) Let fully cool

17) Make frosting while dough is cooling. Mix all ingredients for frosting together.

18) Once dough has cooled, frost the braided bread.

19) Cut cherries in half and add what you would like to the bread.


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