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5 Big Impact Ways to Update Your Bathroom

The weather is getting cooler and naturally we gravitate indoors where we spend the winter months hunkered down in our homes.  We start to look around and wonder what we can do to improve our spaces - whether it's gain more organization or update the bathroom.  Our clients often times want to tackle several projects and wonder if they can do it all at once.  Sometimes it's a simple face-lift to a space that's needed to update it.  We find this to be the case in small bathrooms such as a powder room on the main level.  If you’re looking at your bathroom right now and wondering what could be updated to make a big impact that won't break the bank, we've come up with our top 5 simple and affordable ways for you to update your bathroom on a pretty doable budget! 

1. Replace Light Fixtures

We sort of have a thing for lighting!!  What’s more important than good lighting? With a multitude of colors, materials, and shapes on the market at a wide range of prices, you’ll be able to find an updated light fixture to match your style. Create a focal point in any bathroom with wall sconces or a chandelier.  It's a simple and affordable change that makes a huge impact! 

Aspen Drive: Makeup Vanity and Master Bathroom Reveal | EH Design

Master Bathroom Reveal: Grove Project | EH Design

Source: EH Design | Grove Project 

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom | EH Design

Source: Bloglovin

2. Update the Faucet

Often times the faucet is an overlooked fixture which is unfortunate because it can really date or cheapen the look of the bathroom.  A good faucet can go a long way!  There are so many choices you can add to give your bathroom more depth and texture! 

Chanhassen Project: Powder Room Reveal | EH Design | Small Powder Room Ideas #Paintcolors #powderroom #powderroomideas

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom for a Big Impact | EH Design

Source: Popsugar 

3. Update the Rug

This may be the least expensive change up! A simple way to revamp your bath is to change up your rug. Find one with a bold pattern to instantly spruce up your space! If you want to add some texture or color, this is the place to do so! rugs can be inexpensive as well so it’s an easy way to really transform a small, dull bathroom to something vibrant and exciting.

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom for a Big Impact | EH Design

4. Add Statement Wallpaper

Sure, paint does wonders, but you can give your walls an even bolder face-lift with wallpaper. There's now even more selection of wallpaper that is extremely easy to peel off once you tire of it!

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom for a Big Impact | EH Design

5. Update Countertops

Your countertops make a powerful statement in your bathroom. One consideration is to replace your existing countertops.  Having a professional countertop company that is reputable like Premier Surfaces Minneapolis, Minnesota Countertops, can make a big difference in choosing and installing the best countertop for your space.  There are many unique products such as soapstone, limestone, stainless steel and granite that will instantly update the look and feel of your bathroom.  Having a great countertop company that has several showrooms for you to browse product with knowledgeable staff to help you answer any questions or concerns is super helpful to have.

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom for a Big Impact | EH Design

You can rest assure that many of these projects or ideas can happen within minutes and make a world of a difference within your bathroom. Some may take a bit longer to do or require a little bit more money but the transformation from your time, effort and patience is well worth it once it’s complete. Are there useful ideas that you have to update your bathroom?

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5 Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom for a Big Impact | EH Design #bathroom #bathroomreno #bathroomupdates #bathroomupdate


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