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3 Steps to Creepy (non-cheezy) Halloween Decor

I have always loved Halloween! I mean - what's not to love?  The dressing up, the candy, the parties.. So when we had kids of course we would decorate for Halloween.  Decor for any holiday creates this sense of excitement and anticipation, reminding us every time we see it that the holiday is right around the corner!  Just like with any holiday decor, this doesn't have to be difficult.  We put  a lot thought behind our designs and decor so you don't have to so here are out 3 Easy Steps to Non-Cheezy Halloween Decor.

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Step 1

  1. Choose a theme!

  2. Are you looking to create a creepy environment, filled with ghosts and goblins?  Or maybe it's a more colorful, day of the dead, kind of vibe.  We tend to lean toward the creepy side so we went with it, incorporating skulls, skeletons, bats and spiders.  We also chose items that are on the neutral and black side of things so that we can incorporate them seamlessly each year into our existing decor.  This brings me to my next point...

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Step 2

2. Layer your decor!

  1. Incorporate your Halloween decor into your existing decor.  This is a rule of thumb we use with any holiday decor.  Fall decor always gets put up before Halloween decor and stays up until Christmas decor goes up.  So there's no reason you to switch out your fall decor for Halloween decor.  Layer it in!  For Instance, in our entryway, we took our glass house terrarium which was currently empty and placed a skeleton hand inside, creating a creepy display!  😉

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Step 3

3. Display your decor where it'll be seen!

  1. We always decorate the entry for Halloween because it gets seen by trick or treaters. We love that there is a Halloween vibe when the door is opened.  We also love to put Halloween decor on the fireplace mantel.  In our house the mantel is seen by the whole family each day so it's just gets you in the Halloween spirit.  Put your decor anywhere you can see it so you can enjoy it, especially because it isn't up for too long!

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