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Tile We Love | EH Design

I’m crazy about tile because there are so many options out there, I love being able to get creative with it and can’t wait to use it!  I have outlined some of my favorites and also my “go to” tiles right now! 

Patterns All Day

Want to liven up a space? Use a patterned tile for dimension.  This tile is everywhere right now and I gotta say, I’m not tired of it!  This beautiful powder blue and grey combo is to die for!  It’s a bit more subtle that some of the other versions and I would welcome this tile in any space.  The beauty is that it’s still neutral enough to coordinate with most anything.

(Source: EH Design)

This large scale tile is amazing – it creates so much dimension and interest in a small space!  We will be using this in a guest bathroom in our Savage Commercial Project.  I can’t wait to see this in the space with all of the other elements!  Stay tuned for the Project Reveal!

(Source: EH Design – Our Savage Commercial Project)

This tile…WOW – what could be better than a classic black and a creamy white marble mixed with strips of brass?! 

(Source: New Ravenna)

Penny Round

The penny round is great in so many applications from being a floor tile to a backsplash and in this case, a shower wall and floor tile.  In this application, they took this look to the next level by pairing it with a subway tile to create a stripe.  The end results is fantastic!  It’s such a subtly tailored look that is both masculine and feminine.   There’s so many things to love about this!

(Source: Pinterest)

A light grey penny round is perfect in so many applications!  We’ll be putting this cutie on the bathroom floors of our Savage basement finish – stay tuned for the Project Reveal!

Designer: EH Design Our Savage Basement Finish

Not only does a penny round work in the bathroom but it’s beautiful in the kitchen as well! This marble penny round is the perfect backdrop for this adorable kitchen!  

Subway Tile

I love, and will always love subway tile!  It’s a classic, beautiful and oh so versatile tile!  A subway tile seams to fit in so many applications.  Change the grout color or the layout and the entire space transforms.

Check it out in this beautiful shower wall!  There are so many things to LOVE about this bathroom! The classic white subway tile is the perfect backdrop to the amazing black framed shower doors and allows that bathroom floor stand out! 

(Source: Studio LS)

Take the classic subway tile to another level by using a longer, thinner 2x14 size and create a herringbone pattern. Instantly modernize the space.

(Source: Mandarin Stone)

On the other side of the white subway tile is its friendly black counterpart!  We will be using this black subway in our Minnetonka Modern Kitchen Remodel. Keep an eye out for our Project Reveal!

(Source: EH Design)  – Our Minnetonka Modern Reno

Fish Scale

An amazing alternative to a classic subway tile is the beautiful fish scale.  This delicate tile is beautiful in both kitchens and bathrooms. 

In this kitchen, the fish scale adds such a beautiful and delicate touch to the space.

(Source: Gia Renovations)

In this bathroom application, they have flipped the tile and used a larger scale version which gives the room a classically updated look.

(Source: Mercury Mosaic)

Hex Tile

The hex tile is another favorite of mine for so many reasons!  It’s another nice alternative to the subway but gives you a completely distinctive look and again just a slight change in the grout used makes a huge difference!

This!  I am completely obsessed with this look!  There’s this amazing juxtaposition about this along with the symmetry and asymmetry happening all at once!   

(Source: Topps Tiles)  

In this kitchen the hex is being used as a nice backsplash and paired with black grout to give it a more modern look and letting the hex shape stand out.

(Source: Adore Home)

Here they used a black hex on the floor against the classic white subway tiles on the walls.  The way they tied it all together is by using a darker grout in the walls and then painting the wall behind the mirror black.  This is such an amazing look combo! 

(Source: Instagram)


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