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The Perfect Blushy Whites | Paint Color Round Up

Are you wanting bright and blushy walls without it looking baby pink?!  Us too!  So we went on the hunt to find that perfect paint and rounded up 11 of our favorite whites with blush undertones just for you.

Light and bright are undoubtedly sought after spaces and it's by far our favorite way to design.  Blush is also still going strong as well so we decided that this would be a great combination for our nursery design and the perfect compliment to our Modern French Design for this space.  

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right paint but the trick to start narrowing your paint search, for any color, is to know the overall objective of the space.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get things moving:

  1. What is the overall color scheme of the room? 

  2. Do you want to brighten the room or create a moody space?

  3. Are there things you DON'T want from the paint? - i.e. draw out the orange in your trim

So in our quest to find this perfect paint, we found these fantastic heughs from Sherwin Williams and rounded them up for you below!   

Slight Differences

We knew we wanted a "white" paint with blush undertones so we pulled all that fit this description in the Sherwin Williams arsenal of whites.  From there we pulled out our favorites.  To show you the very slight differences in these colors and what they may look like on the walls, we used Sherwin Williams Color Snap Visualizer which puts the desired color where you would like, even the trim. 

There are just slight differences in all of these paints but you can definitely see which ones have more blush

Beautiful Bush White Examples

Ibis White Example - Gorgeous Office Space


Source: Studio McGee

Target - Bedroom with Blush White Paint

Source: Target 

Houseupdated Bedroom with Blush White Paints

Source: House Updated 

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