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Pillow Collection by EH Design (through Laurel+Blush)

Introducing the EH Design Pillow Collection through Laurel + Blush. The feedback we received regarding our news pillow collection has been so fantastic.  So, we thought you would enjoy a break down of the line .  We also put together our favorite combinations within the line to assist you with your spaces!

First, let's talk about what brought us to creating a pillow line.  #pillowsforlife  Saying we LOVE pillows is simply an understatement.  It's the easiest way to add color, texture and interest to a space and can be done at any time of the year.  Or heck all the time if you want.  Cue GIPH of me throughing pillows in the air like confetti.  It's also a super simple way to change up the look by switching out a few.  One of my favorite places in the home is the family room and one of my favorite parts of the day is when I get to relax on the sofa.  What's a good sofa without good pillows?

So now onto the actual line.   We built this line to be mixed and matched within the line as well as with others in the Lauren + Blush collections.  Each of the pillows are named after something or someone that drives me to be a better me which is where I came up with the names for the pillows in the line. So let's break these down as well as provide you with some inspiration on pairing the pillows together.  Check out each pillow below and some of our favorite combos.

P.S. Click on any image below to take you to purchase 😉 Easy Peasy!

Addi Mae






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Pillow Collection Combos in sets of 3's 

Looking for the right combination for your space but aren't quite sure what's gonna work? We've got ya!  Check out our combos of 3's below. This is a great starting point for your spaces.  Wanting just 2? pick your favorites and pair them together! You really can't go wrong here.

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Check out our other Client Installs where we have used the Lauren + Blush Collections:


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