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Outdoor Space Inspiration and Patio Furniture Round Up

There is nothing like great weather on a weekend and an amazing outdoor space where you can enjoy that amazing weather!  Summer is upon us, everything is turning green and the sun is hot and we bet you are itching to spend as much time outdoors as possible!  So what happens if you don't have an amazing outdoor space to enjoy it all?!  Well you create that space, right?!  There is such a wide variety of outdoor furniture available right now and we've rounded up some of our favorite items to get you started for creating the perfect outdoor space of your own.  So sit back, relax and do some online shopping while you sip your drink so the next time you wanna enjoy the weather in your own space, it'll be ready!

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link)

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Patio Collections

Let's start with Patio Collections/Sets because we believe it's super important to have an amazing area to kick back and relax.  Having a nice sofa and chairs outdoors really creates a nice cozy space for you to either lay down or kick your feet up.  We've rounded up some great sets we found along the way.

Check them out here - click on the images to be taken directly to the sites.

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Outdoor Dining Furniture

If you have the space to have a dining set outside, it's the best!  There is nothing like taking a good meal outdoors and enjoying it with family and friends - even by yourself for that matter!  We live in Minnesota so we try to cherish ALL of the warm months of the year in any way that we can.  Taking a meal outside is such an amazing way to do it!

So that leads us to the most important question of the day - Hot Dog or Hamburger?!

Check out some of our favorite outdoor dining pieces below - click on the images to be taken directly to the sites.

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Outdoor Area Rugs

Rugs are just as important outdoors as they are indoors!  They really complete a space and feel so nice under foot, especially under a dining table!  Being able to kick off your shoes outside is such a good feeling and outdoors rugs just keep getting better and better!

Check out some of our favorite outdoor rugs below to complete your space - click on the images to be taken directly to the sites.

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Outdoor Inspiration

We're all about inspiration so of course we couldn't write a blog post without sneaking some in!  Below are some amazing spaces you'll LOVE, starting with one of our own - Vibrant Courtyard Reveal.  We created this bright oasis for our clients who were looking to take their outdoor living to the next level!  I mean - who wouldn't want to spend every waking moment out here?!

Also, follow our Exterior Spaces Pinterest Board for amazing outdoor inspiration!  -- We've got a board for EVERYTHING!

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The Haugerud's Outdoor Living

This is the Haugerud's outdoor space below.  We moved in roughly 5 years ago and have spent some time putting together this space over those years and feel it's such a great space for the whole family and for gatherings.  The upper patio we created to be a straight walk out from the eat-in dining space so that it felt like an extension of the interiors main level.  During the warmer months of the year we use this upper patio as our dining space, which is again an extension of our kitchen and eat-in area.

In the later months of the summer, the upper patio gets a lot of shade which is nice on the really hot days, especially when eating.  But that didn't leave a space where you could sit in the sun so we had the lower patio built to capture that as well.  On the lower patio we created a couple of seating spaces.  One area with lounge furniture and another bonfire space.  We often bring an umbrella down into this space as well if the sun gets too hot.

Of course we're always looking to add a few touches here and there because we spend so much time back here throughout the warm months of the year and this is the perfect weekend to grab stuff with all of the sales going on!

Check out some of our favorites that we've rounded up below!

Also check out this beautiful Courtyard we designed for one of our clients!

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