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Neutral Navy

This whole main level needed a bit of TLC in this Osseo home.  The client contacted EH Design because they had prepared the house to move at one point, sold all of their things but then in the end decided that their wonderful neighborhood was worth sticking around for.  This is a beautiful home and just needed a little bit of love and a lot of furniture and decor.

This is a below picture of the family room.  They didn’t have a spot for their stuff, no decor and the room needed new carpet.

This is the beautiful carpet that was chosen for the space.  The options were pretty open for this space because the room was surrounded by hardwood.  The carpet on the stairs needed to be considered and I wanted it to coordinate but we had more design freedom in this room.  This beautiful carpet gave the space just enough texture and felt wonderful under the feet.  The pattern is also non directional specific so furniture placement was not a concern.

Our next task at hand was to choose the fabric for the custom furniture that was going to go in the space.  We wanted the large furniture pieces like the couch to be a nice neutral but durable to withstand an active family.  Adding in patterns and color into the other pieces brought the design together.

We chose this beautiful cream, grey and tan chevron fabric for the sofa.  In large scale it was amazing.

Here you can see the sofa and how amazing it turned out.  From a far the pattern isn’t obvious but close up you’re able to see the chevron pattern.  In front of the sofa, you can see the handsome navy velvet tufted ottoman with tuned legs.  Throws pillows in navy tie the ottoman in and the color scheme together.  In the corner you will see the low chair with the great charcoal pattern textile.  This gives wonderful dimension to the corner.  Notice the window treatments.  Here we layered a grey soft patterned curtain behind a beautiful patterned white sheer.

Here is a close up of the sheer.

Moving to the kitchen for a minute, We wanted to soften up the windows a bit but curtains were not an option as they would have gotten in the way of the table. The client also already had really nice blinds that we did not want to replace.  I found these wonderful faux roman shades that are mounted on a regular curtain rod.  We chose a rod that had a very small finial at the end so that it was less obvious and the eye went to the shades instead.  We chose this wonderful pattern that played off of the sheers in the family room to tie them all together.

Here you can see we chose to put the window treatments on the one window in the kitchen.  Unfortunately I do not have a “After” image so this isn’t the best image of the new island pendants we installed.

Pictured here is the old 2 story foyer light.  I was glad to replace this!

Here is the beautiful light we switched it out to!


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