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EH Lifestyle | EH Design

I decided that I'd love to share more of who I am outside of the design world, so in addition to my design posts, I've started an EH Lifestyle blog entry where I'll be sharing about life, favorite trends, family, food, recipes, entertaining, cleaning, organizing, gardening, etc. - additional passions of mine that make up who Erin Haugerud is! Of course there will be sprinkles of design, architecture and decor because this is at the core of my being 😉 

So here it goes! The hubby and I got a night out for dinner and Coldplay concert this weekend - eeek!!!  

Of course I can't go anywhere without finding great architecture, design or decor inspo! We dinned at Eastside restaurant in Minneapolis. The design and architecture there was like eye candy! Such cool stuff! 

Check out this floor that was throughout the restaurant! Killer design - so striking! 

Then there's this window!! LOVE this window!  That wheel against the wall actually turns the window so that it can be closed or open horizontally!  What a brilliant way to segment a space! I cannot get over how much I love it!

Love the tufted leather benches with old school chairs and paired with modern lights! 

There was this cool wine table in the middle of a large room that had a ton of industrial qualities, feeling both like it was a new piece and an old piece all the same! 

The Coldplay concert was so amazing!  The theme of the concert was "LOVE".  This couldn't be a more appropriate theme right now - Love is what we need most, especially now. I got super nostalgic during the concert, looking around and seeing everyone singing together and getting lost in the music and the moment, with those they loved AND with total strangers!  This is why I love concerts - with music we UNITE! In the depths of everything happening in the world around us, for one night, a few hours, we were there to enjoy music and each other!

LOVE and be kind always! @coldplay

Outfit - Get the Look

Click on Images for Source

I'm sharing what I wore out because:

a) I loved everything about the outfit

b) it has been a long search, but I finally found the perfect pair of camo pants and I'm in love with them!!! - they are stretchy, comfortable and the perfect camo green!

c) I finally found the perfect hoop earrings!! - They are so lightweight, I could barely tell they were there, not to mention the adorable arrow detail! 

Sorry for the grainy pic - poor lighting!  

Shop the look below by clicking on the images!! 

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