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Valentine’s Brunch with Punch For Our Little’s | EH Design

As the years have past and our family has evolved from just Mitch and I to 2 kids, going on 3, so has our Valentine's Day!  These kiddos are the loves of our lives after all and we feel that it's about celebrating the love between all of us that is important. Mitch and I still do the date night around Valentine's day but we love to celebrate with the kiddos as well. This year on Valentine's day we will be doing a "Romantic" dinner with them as well. Our hope is that they feel extra special and pass this on to others. 

This past weekend we did a Brunch with Punch with our sweets which was super fun and super easy. 

Tablescape Set Up

Starting with the tablescape, because that is what I do and love, a lot of these items are from different places but all amazing deals.  I'm all about spending where it counts, but when the kiddos are involved, like using dishes, I'm all about a good deal just in case it gets destroyed. 

My secret place for these type of items, you ask?!  Target dollar section!  OK, OK, it's not exactly a secret, but I LOVE to gather inexpensive items from this section of Target for each holiday for this very reason.

So what are you seeing here:

  1. Pink Heart Plates: Yup, these are from Target dollar section.  I grab this stuff the minute they start putting it out, which was right after Christmas of course 😉 That way, I usually get the super cute stuff.  

  2. Mini Cake Stands: Yes this is another great find at Target as well.  I have seen these in the dollar section several times and in several different styles so I grab them when I can.  I can't tell you how many times I've used these!  

  3. Clear Glass Milk Container:  These too, are a dollar section find.  These ones came with the red and white striped plastic straws which I just love because the paper straw are cute, they are useless.

  4. White Mugs:  I got these at Home Goods.  I needed a bunch of plain white coffee mugs for having guests over and didn't want to spend a ton so this was the perfect spot and they go with everything, on any occasion.  

  5. Felt Envelopes: These are another Target find.  I love these sweet envelopes.  These get stuffed with cute Valentine's treats the day of and the kids look forward to them.  

Shop the Post

Shop the look below.  Although many of these items are not listed on the Target website because they were in the dollar section, you can still get the look inexpensively below.  

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Brunch is Served

What was served: 

  1. Pink Frosted Donuts: These amazing donuts from Lunds and Byerlys not only look delish, they are delish and the kiddos would agree!  Our littles don't get donuts on a regular basis so when they do, they're special.  Yum! 

  2. Strawberries: It's all about balance right?! And what fruit screams Valentine's Day?  Strawberries of course. 

  3. Hot Cocoa: It's been frigid here in MN and our kiddos LOVE to warm up with it.  To add that sweet little Valentine's touch, we added these adorable heart shaped pink marshmallows! 

  4. Izze Sparkling Grapefruit Juice: This was a great addition for our punch at our brunch because there are no added sugars, no high-fructose corn syrup, no preservatives, and no caffeine.  Let's be honest - there was enough of all of that in the donuts  that were served 😉 

  5. Sour Patch Valentine's Hearts: Because the sugar in the donuts and hot cocoa wasn't enough? Ha! Because in addition to Valentine's Day being about LOVE, it's also about the sweets.  Let's be honest.  

We had a ton of fun and hope we inspire others to follow suite and show your little's a little extra sweet LOVE.  Have fun with it and Happy Valentine's Day!  


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