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Sunday Scroll by EH Design

Depending on what’s going on each week, we may do a Saturday Save or a Sunday Scroll. Because we had a blog go out later on Friday, we decided to do a Sunday Scroll this week to spread them out a bit.

Regardless, each week we’ll be sharing with you our favorite images from the week past. There is so much talent out there in this beautiful world, that we felt it only made sense to share it with you all!

We’ll share what stopped our scroll on Instagram and share these amazing accounts and talent with you right here, on Instagram, and also on Pinterest! We call this “Saturday Saves” Let’s all get inspired, stay inspired, and get doing, to improve our homes, thus improving our lives!

Design By Heidi Caillier Design | EH Design

  1. This image actually reminds us of a project we just finished up. Those beautiful quaint windows are a scroll stopper!

Image by Palm Beach Lately | EH Design

  1. This cutie showed up on Memorial day and it’s just too cute! The color pallette of the image draws us in.

Design by Park and Oak Design | EH Design

  1. We are in the process of painting an office all one color, including the trim, and this image reminds us of that. We can’t wait to see it and share it with you.

Design By Lexi Westergard | EH Design

  1. Well – starting with the stunning archway and down to the stunning vintage area rug, this space is a show stopper. I want to keep walking through the arch to see more on the other side!

If you don’t follow us already on Pinterest, check us out! There is loads of inspiration there.

Not only do we love to share our own designs with you, but we also love to share the beautiful work of others.

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