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Slip into Summer

Embrace a subtle summer vibe with texture and tone.

It’s time to get your house on board with summer being here. Going lakeside or luxuriating at home are both yours for the taking. Here are some ways to add a summer vibe to your digs, especially here in Minnesota, in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


There’s something about summer that makes texture irresistible. Bold accents bring back memories of oversized beach towels or the smooth edges of pebbles on the shore. Adding tactile interest blurs the line between in- and outdoors during a season of ample exploration.

What’s more, texture adds visual depth to a space for spiked contrast and character. Errant edges reflect ecology in action outside our front door. Between balmy days and lazy nights, this surreal magnification of all things sensory can be used both inside and out. Here’s how to get tactile at home using an interplay of natural fibers and sizes.

Lakeville Project | EH Design


Jute is a natural material shaped into coarse, wheat-colored threads. The fiber itself is robust so it’s commonly used in rugs or durable sacks. Play to its tousled look and neutral hue for a rustic feel and casual vibe.

Jute Rug | Studio McGee


Rattan is another natural fiber made from bendable palm stems. Unlike the fuzzy edges of jute, rattan is smooth on the surface and capable of retaining its shape once styled. The size of the stems varies from small to large and is used in everything from storage sideboards to full-size furniture.


Straw hats and daisy dukes might not be necessary for your wardrobe though it does wonders for wall decorations. Not to be confused with raffia, straw is firm with a finer texture. Look for it in placemats, lightweight woven décor or fashioned into fabric.


Seagrass is a relatively delicate material with a small weave suited to more delicate constructions. Its flimsy build means it’s often woven or styled around solid frames for support. For a bolder look, shop for seagrass bundled together and braided into a more substantial strand.

Tone & Chrome

Texture is one way of inviting the season in while tone and chrome are equal contenders. Think of tone as the feeling factor of a space played up or down by darkness and light. Chrome is color, plain and simple. Use the two in tandem while walking the line of a single color gradient.

Colors are as infinite as the day is long; the real question is what floats your boat, chromatically speaking. Consider a neutral palette of taupes and tans for a natural feel. Blues can range from playful to tranquil or serve as a tribute to endless waters. Layer them in seasonal celebration or go for fun shades and tropical hues. Tip your hat to summery goodness no matter which color strikes your mood!


Have you ever noticed how saturated colors appear in the middle of summer? The combination of warmer weather and intense shades creates an entirely different dynamic. Let yourself be inspired by the season to delve into deeper saturations.

Isabelle Project | EH Design


One reason to consider mattes for your space is their unapologetically understated look. A polished finish is prim and proper like the smooth gloss of a sugar plum fairy. It’s gorgeous, no doubt, but hardly beach worthy.

Mattes, on the other hand, stand in perfect opposition. They offer rough-and-tumble realness echoed by jagged coastlines and weathered edges. If summer is about living your best life, let mattes be your mantra! Live naturally and design accordingly.

Campello Project | EH Design


Imagining summer without water is like a pool party without popsicles. You can’t have one without the other! There are a dozen ways to incorporate the essence of water into your home. Here’s how to pay homage to the beloved blue gold.

Urbandale Project | EH Design

Water Feature

Water features like small fountains or backyard ponds act as miniature oases. Running water calms the senses using sight and sound for a truly transformative experience. Consider a floating candle bath or glass centerpieces as easier alternatives.


Color is one of the simplest ways to allude to water though blue isn’t the only option. Consider aquatic shades of turquoise or aqua marine or foamy whites and transparent tones. A little goes a long way when it comes to color so be thoughtful in your hues.

Natural Landscapes

Last but not least, natural landscapes or artistic representations are a final way to incorporate water in your interiors. Paintings of lakes and local landscapes provide a deeper connection to the place you call home.

Urbandale Project | EH Design

Summer Accessories

Seasonal accessories can take your space from average to elated at a moment’s notice. Embrace your interiors with suitable pieces for relaxed realness at the heart of the season. Here are a few ideas to introduce to your humble abode.


Lightweight blankets or throws are the perfect level of casual for easy décor. It’s fair to say they’re more for show than practicality during the dog days of summer. Even so, they’re a clever way to layer texture, color or pattern no matter your space or style.

Campello Project | EH Design


Incorporating glass into your interiors adds reflective shine like the sun on the water’s surface. Beyond its watery aesthetic, this classic material lends itself to any environment. Embrace the versatility of glass in vases, faux pebbles or terrariums for a warm and welcoming vibe.

Hinckley Project | EH Design


Storage containers or decorative baskets are always a good choice when it comes to seasonal décor. You can never have enough not to mention the design variety of these beauties. Invest in a set if you’re feeling committed or a larger collection for a more eclectic look.

King Rail Project | EH Design


Plants may not be season-specific though they’re great additions during summer months. You may have more room to spread out in summer though bringing some greenery indoors adds vitality and style. Silk plants or low-water options like succulents or cacti are smart alternatives for anyone on the fence.

Blizzard Project | EH Design

Final Thoughts

Summer is here so now’s the time to spring into action. Take it easy or go all out with color, texture, tone and accessories. Tying your home to its natural surroundings is a classic strategy for design success so get ready to bring it all together.


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