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Renovation Reminders

The perks of a thoughtful home renovation.

Familiarizing yourself with industry standards and expectations of a home renovation puts you ahead of the game for an upcoming project. Here’s how to approach a home reno the right way.

Define the Scope and Prep

When it comes to interior design overhauls, both scope and prep are key. Scope refers to just how big or complex a job is while prep is required for projects of all sizes. Getting your ducks in a row early on is the first step of a successful home project.

Be Specific

Interior designers are perfectly positioned to guide you through renovations. Even so, it’s still a good idea to know your style goals ahead of time. Are there certain materials you’d like to use or a particular reason for the reno? Do you plan to open up your space or undertake major construction? The more specific you are, the clearer your design.

Make Alternative Arrangements

Did you know renovations often take months to complete? Luckily for you, much of the planning happens on paper and off-site. The inevitable construction period will take place however. We will talk with you about the potential of needing to make alternative living arrangements until the dust settles, which can make it a lot easier on you and your family.

Clean Up & Clear Out

Cleaning may not be your favorite though it does have its place. Getting your house in order for building, painting and renovating helps set the wheels in motion. Whether that means taking down photos, protecting fixtures, emptying pantries or ditching clutter, cleaning is one of the first items on your agenda.

Pre-Construction Planning

Construction is a major part of any renovation no matter the size or circumstances. Knowing what’s expected in advance helps homeowners plan accordingly. Here’s everything you need to know about approaching the construction kickoff.

Think in Phases

One way to simplify a complex process is by thinking of a renovation in phases. Three of the key milestones include conceptual design, detailed design and purchasing & execution. Both design phases pertain to the planning and decision-making aspects of your home’s home renovation while the execution phase is relatively fixed. Think of them as the imaginative and concrete renovation stages and know where you stand on any given day.

Structured Feedback

The next piece of pre-construction wisdom involves structured feedback. While you may have a lot to share about the direction of your home, doing so at the right time is essential. Both the conceptual and detailed design phases allow for homeowner feedback and one revision each. Having your wishes heard at the right time goes a long way towards a collaborative design win.

Don’t Stress the Mess

It goes without saying that construction makes a mess! Your home will become the new hub of activity on your block enveloped by a cloud of dust. Builders, traders and your design team will be hard at work doing separate jobs in a confined space. Layer in coordinated scheduling and potential hiccups for a scene of organized chaos.

Simply put, the construction phase is not for the faint of heart. It’s also not the moment to suggest a change of plans or add more people to the mix. Check in occasionally if you’d like while knowing the professionals have got you covered.

Choose a Team

Think of your design team as the people involved in your home transformation. Generally, you’ll need an Interior Designer, Builder, and Architect to come together in support of your renovation. Be sure to take your seat at the table, too! Hiring the right people helps transform your vision into a reality. We will facilitate finding all the right team members for your project.

Clear Communication

Location is to the real estate industry as communication is to design: some things you just can’t do without. Home renovations bring design ideas into fruition over many months of careful planning and execution. Clear communication between all parties is the glue holding the project together.

The Perks of Project Management

Individual design or architecture firms may have their own approach to projects or renovations. For example, EH Design handles Project Management though other teams may not. Defining roles and responsibilities from day one helps keep everyone on the same page, budget and timeline.

The Covid Connection

Covid has shaken up our world in every way imaginable. Unfortunately, home renovations are just as susceptible to the far-reaching effects of this virus. Here’s a brief overview of some setbacks you’re likely to face during an interior design project during this time.

First and foremost is the concept of lead time. The term refers to the duration between the start and end of a project or the time between order placement and delivery. During the pandemic, Covid-related delays have led to a series of snags in the home renovation process. Here’s what you need to know about the bottleneck for any upcoming projects:

Supply and demand. These staples of market price have been hit hard by the pandemic. Lately, demand has spiked while supply has fallen resulting in abnormally long wait times. The upshot is a delay in lead time from 16 weeks to 18 or 20, or in some cases longer..

Extended project timelines. Longer lead times from procurement to wrap-up tacked on extra time to renovations. You’ll need to allow for extra project bandwidth to get things done.

Break in flow. Slow lead times tend to mean a disrupted flow in any home project. Renovations are a balancing act to begin with so staying on task becomes a bit of a challenge.

Final Thoughts

Major home renovations or other design projects can completely transform your home for the better. They also run like a well-oiled machine with proper planning and communication. Are you gearing up for a reno? EH Design would love to help with your next project! Best of luck with your next big build and keep us posted!


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