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Neutral Area Rugs Round-Up (and 3 ways to choose the right one)

As Designers, we are constantly on the look-out for the perfect neutral area rugs. Many times when we think of neutral area rugs we think dull. But neutral doesn’t have to be boring or dull. When looking for the perfect neutral area rug, we typically look for these 3 things:

  1. Interesting pattern

  2. Shade variation

  3. Quality

1. Interesting Pattern

Let talk about the interesting pattern first. It’s important to look for a pattern that’s interesting. We try to imagine the space it will be in and the furniture that will be on top of it. If we love the pattern but most of it will be covered up in the middle where the pattern is, then that’s not the rug for that space. We also consider the style we are going for. The rug has to fit the style and look we are going for as well. But overall, a great pattern can bring a ton of interest to an otherwise boring run.

2. Shade Variation

Shade variation is important because, without this, the rug can come off flat, thus end up looking boring or dull. If there are shade variations of a similar color within an interesting pattern, this gives the area rug major appeal.

3. Quality

Often times when a neutral run is low in quality, it falls flat…literally. We look for area rugs that are thicker and made of high-quality materials. We love a good rug underfoot which can change the feeling of the room drastically. If you aren’t adding an area rug for color per se, make sure it feels good underfoot.

Check out neutral area rugs we’re loving below:

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